Egg Humor in Video and Movies

In the quest to make this a multi-media egg-stravaganza on Egg Humor,  I’m sharing my favorite egg related videos from around the web.

Why?  Because I can.

 (More accurately, because I’m still amusing myself with egg humor… and because it appears to be annoying my family.  The kids aren’t egg-actly enjoying all the bad jokes either.)

on a roll with egg humor videos

The best of Egg Humor from YouTube

If this first one cracks you up, the producers have uploaded a dozen or so of these video shorts.  Sadly, the project appears to have been abandoned.

These appear to all be kid friendly.

While your kids are on YouTube, you might as well let them watch some egg humor in a Minecraft world.

To quote the video, “if you can’t laugh at this, you’re hard boiled.”

Or if they aren’t into Minecraft, there’s always the cute talking bunny cracking Easter jokes.

My favorite eggs for the Kindle or DVD machine:

(All of these link to Amazon using my associate information.  I’m hoping to finance a new cup of coffee using my Amazon earnings this month.  Given the excessive references to napping and insomnia… well… I really need that cup of coffee.)

The Hobbit  Yes, it really is about eggs.  Don’t you remember when Gollum and Bilbo first meet and have a riddle competition? One of the riddles was answered with EGGSES!  I love that line.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can check it out in this YouTube link to a clip from the Peter Jackson version of the film… Or this link to the Rankin-Bass clip of the same scene.)

The Amazon link is to the 1977 cartoon version from Rankin-Bass. Much more kid friendly than the current version, but it IS a cartoon from the seventies.  If the Peter Jackson version was your introduction to The Hobbit, the older movie will be a bit of a shock.

In my single years, this was one of my go-to movies when I had insomnia. Since we don’t own a VHS machine anymore, I now stream it on Amazon.  I love BOTH versions, but at 2am I still have a fondness for kitsch.

Green Eggs and Ham and Other Servings of Dr. Seuss  My kids listened to the audiobook version a LOT when they were younger.  It was very effective at nap time. My husband finally banned it in the car because it made him sleepy. The audiobook version is about an hour long.

Veggie Tales: Rack, Shack & Benny Not egg-actly about eggs, but I still love the Bunny Song.  I still miss being able to pop in a VeggieTales movie and nap on the couch while my boys were enthralled with dancing vegetables.

(If you’re on a budget, ask your FB community to see if someone has a big stack of VeggieTales DVDs that they have outgrown. Chances are good you can get a whole stack of them on permanent loan.

While you’re at it, borrow their copy of Dr Seuss: Green Eggs & Ham & Other Stories too. It’s a wonderful cartoon and your kids deserve to see it.)

 Bonus Egg Yolks:

Q: What grows on yolk trees?

A: Egg corns.

An egg that goes on safari is called an eggsplorer.

my favorite egg videos
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  1. Jolene Rose says:

    The eggsplorer joke made me smile, especially since my kids were watching Dora this morning. 🙂 I hope you have a lovely day!

  2. LOL at the eggsplorer joke. Haha.
    Max Arthur recently posted..myTonic.netMy Profile

  3. Oh Please! You are just ex-egg-rating the eggs here.

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