The 3 things every pregnant mom needs to hear

When a friend or acquaintance is pregnant for the second time, I try to remember to tell her three things… the three things every pregnant mom needs to hear.

They’re the two things I needed to hear the most often, the things I continued to need to hear during that first year with two babies.  Sometimes, even now, I still need to hear them.

hope for a pregnant mom

Every Pregnant Mom Needs to Know…

Your heart is big enough. There will be enough love to go around.

You don’t end up taking some of your love away from your first-born to give to your new baby.  I know it seems like that’s what will happen, but it doesn’t work that way.  But all of us worried the exact same thing.  We all wondered if our hearts would be big enough for two.

When your new bundle arrives (whether through birth or adoption or some other twist of fate) your heart expands. It grows just like the Grinch’s heart did.  You’re filled up inside with so much love you don’t know where to put it all.

There will be enough love for both your children.

You will love them in equal amounts, but in different ways.   It won’t be an identical love because they aren’t identical children.  They NEED you to love them differently, so it all works out.

There will even be “leftover love” for your husband.  It will be enough, for a season.  And then the miracle happens.  You reach the end of the day and you won’t be all used up and touched out… and what you have for your husband doesn’t feel like leftovers… it feels real and fresh and wonderful.

you are enough

It. Gets. Easier.

The first weeks home with a second baby are hard.  Really really hard. Your first child has had their entire world rearranged. So have you. Figuring out how to navigate through two sets of logistics for two very different kids isn’t easy.

Suddenly, just getting everyone dressed and fed and out the door will feel impossible again.

But it gets easier.

You WILL figure it out.  As a family, you’ll find what works.  

With every milestone of your brand new baby, it will get easier again.

I promise.

it gets easier

You aren’t alone.

No matter what crazy thing you do to survive, you aren’t the first mom to invent it.  

You will not be the first mom to feed her toddler popsicles in the shower to make cleanup easier.  You won’t be the first mom to face two (or more) cases of stomach virus at the same time and contemplate putting each child in in their own plastic tub of containment.  You won’t be the first mom to strap the kids in the double stroller and wheel them in front of the TV just so she can shower.  (I’m not sure that last one is safety patrol approved – use your own judgement please.)

No matter what scary thing you are feeling, you aren’t the first to feel it.

You will not be the first mom to wonder if she’s made a huge mistake.  You won’t be the first mom who just wants to run away from home.  You won’t be the first mom to worry.

Somewhere close by, there is another mom going through the exact same thing.  Somewhere close by, there’s a mom who has already been there and would give you a hug and say “me too.”  Find those other moms.

You won’t be the first mom to fail.

We all do.

Every. Single. One of us.

And that’s ok.  When you fail spectacularly, you get a chance to teach your children about perseverance and determination and humility and forgiveness.  Those character lessons will stay in their hearts long after the memory of your failure.

youre not alone

It will be OK.

God is right there.

When your heart doesn’t feel quite big enough, God’s love can fill you and strengthen you and flow through you.

When it’s too hard and you just can’t take one more step, God has your back.  He answers momma prayers for lost shoes and missing sippy cups and finding one last k-cup when you need it most.

When you think you’re all alone, God is there.  He listens to all the craziness and fear and worry and failure.

No matter what, God.

every pregnant mom

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