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Resources for Spring Break

Good morning friends! Today I’m in a mad scramble trying to get ready for Spring Break.  It kind of caught me off guard.  It doesn’t FEEL like spring…

Today I’m rounding up some ideas to help us all survive spring break.  I figure we can all use a little help.

I knew next week was Spring Break.  I knew the kids had fun run the day before Spring Break.  What I didn’t realize was that fun run is on Thursday this year.  Spring Break starts on Friday (not next Monday like I thought).

As far as my kids are concerned, Spring Break starts Thursday morning when they “fuel up with flap jacks” at school before their fun run.  That made today (Tuesday) practically “Spring Break Eve.”  All that fun combined with the residual effects of the time change have me a little flustered.

I’m NOT ready… I’m sooooo not ready.

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Five Minute Friday – Willing

Here we are, back at Five Minute Friday!  Today is the day I write for the sake of writing.  I love this day.

Last time the word was CHOOSE.

Today’s writing prompt is… WILLING.

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No really, pumpkins are evil.

Last December, I shared my theory that pumpkins contain some mysterious substance that makes us all lose our mind and  start crafting.  I call it my “pumpkins are evil” theory.

As proof, I offered up my ridiculous list of Christmas crafting, the unusually large amount of crafty stuff in my Pinterest feed, and a few personal observations.  My prediction that the crafting impulse would subside just as soon as we all got our fill of cranberries (aka Christmas dinner) proved true.

I haven’t TOUCHED my sewing machine since December.

(You know… because I can’t actually sew. I just makes pants of shame. sigh.)

This morning, I realized I have further proof that this whole “pumpkins are evil” thing might be legitimate.

Target had the last of the Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice K-Cups on clearance.

(Wow, all my happy triggers in one place.  Squee.)

For the past few days, I’ve been indulging in pumpkin spice coffee with a splash of maple syrup and a generous amount of milk.  If you haven’t tried maple syrup in your coffee you don’t know what you’re missing.  Mmmm. [Read more…]

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When fears are a lie.

One of my big, deep down, dark secret shameful fears is that my husband will stop loving me.

(I guess it’s not so secret now that I’ve published it on the internet.)

When my knee was at it’s very worst and I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without help, I hated asking my husband for assistance for anything.

I was afraid.

I kept dwelling on my fear because deep down, I believed a lie.

My husband won’t love me if I’m too needy.  (YIKES!)

Confronting this particular lie was one of the most unexpected blessings of surgery that I could ever imagine.

Hubby married a head-strong and independent woman. He married a woman who was active, capable, and healthy. I have to assume that those were qualities in me that he actually LIKED and wanted in his life partner. He’s even told me those were the parts of me that made him fall in love with me.

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three strategies for perfectionism

When I first drafted a post on the unexpected blessings of knee surgery last November, my comment on perfectionism went unnoticed.

See if you catch what I wrote.

If I’m not perfect it’s not worth doing. (O. M. W!)

Normally, we write that as

If I can’t do it perfectly, it’s not worth doing.

See the difference? Apparently, I’ve taken perfectionism one step further than the norm. I’m not just worried about the things I do being perfect, I’m aiming to be a perfect person. [Read more…]

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It’s 5am and I’m up.

It’s 5am.  The world outside my window is dark.  I’m famously NOT a morning person.  But I’m up.

I’ve been awake for half an hour.  That’s long enough to stagger into the kitchen and make my husband an egg sandwich while the coffee maker worked magic.  It’s long enough for me to stare hopelessly into the warm coffee mug and feel the caffeine steam kiss my face.

Thirty minutes is long enough to remember that I’m not a morning person and to then subsequently remember why I’m up.

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