Cat in the Hat please come back

A few days behind schedule (thanks to a massive cold), but I’m finishing up my series on writing prompts for grown ups.  Today’s prompt is “Would you like the Cat in the Hat to come to your house?”

The pin is from a blog called First Grade Fever.  The minute I saw the blog, You know how kindergarten and first grade rooms can be amazing spaces with every inch of wall space decorated in an explosion of color and chaos?  The blog looks just like that.   It looks like they’re hatching baby chickens in honor of spring right now.

cat in the hat

Cat in the Hat Comes Back

I have no idea why, but I don’t think we owned the original Cat in the Hat book when I was growing up. I have vague memories of loving the seventies era cartoon (the one animated by Friz Freiling of Looney Tunes and Pink Panther fame.)

(I also have lovely memories of playing the Dr Seuss audiobook collections for my own boys to induce nap time in the car.  It worked every single time.)

So when I think of the cat in the hat, my first thoughts are always of PINK SNOW, eating cake in the bathtub, and little things X Y and Z.

It’s only after those thoughts that I start thinking about Thing One and Thing Two.

(Lest you think I was educationally deprived as a child, my parents can STILL recite Green Eggs and Ham from memory.  Ditto for the Dr Seuss ABC book and Go Dogs Go.)

 So would I want the Cat in the Hat in MY house?



It would be awesome!

Think about it.

The cat is the perfect babysitter.

The kids are bored, stuck at home, and abandoned by their mom. They clearly aren’t quite old enough to be left home alone since they let some strange six foot tall animal into the house.

I’d like to think the mom and the cat are friends and that she called him up and sent him over to take care of the kids.   When my kids are out of school and stuck in the house (by rain OR snow) I would LOVE the ability to run errands without them.

I would LOVE to have a babysitter like the Cat in the Hat.

He kept the kids entertained. They didn’t spend the entire day watching mindless cartoons or playing video games.  The kids didn’t perform experiments on their friend the fish. They didn’t eat all the cereal and potato chips in the house.

Even better?

The cat is the perfect maid service.

No matter which book you read, the house is totally trashed.

But by the time the mother gets home, everything is cleaned up and put away.  The cat hides all the evidence.  After a week of spring break craziness, I would LOVE a maid service that could show up and hide all the evidence of our chaos.

No more yellow snow.

This one is for my Texas friends.  We are not be struggling with actual white fluffy snow right now. Instead, we’re struggling with a pollen blizzard. There is so much yellow pollen right now that it’s creating drifts in the streets.

Everything we own is covered in up to a quarter inch of yellow dust.

I figure if the Cat in the Hat can get rid of all that pink snow, the yellow stuff should be no problem for him either.  Just tell little cat Z to pop his hat off, and the power of VOOM will clean up all the yellow mess.

This Mom LOVES The Cat in the Hat

Baby sitter on demand.

Apparently free sitter service.

Kids unplugged.

Kids not bored and whiney when I return home.

House clean.

I can’t imagine why any mother wouldn’t want the Cat to show up.  But I’m sure I missed something.

What would you do?

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