Spring Break means Spring Cleaning

Today’s post on spring break and spring cleaning is inspired by a writing prompt I spotted on Pinterest.

Spring Break at my house means spring cleaning.
There are jobs I don’t mind doing and jobs I hate.
Write two lists of chores you hate and chores you don’t mind doing.
How do you make the chores you hate more fun?

The pin came with a super cute graphic.  It’s from a blog called Artistry of Education.

(Why yes, this is part of the week long series on writing prompts for adults. I’m so glad you asked.)

spring cleaning header

spring break means spring cleaning

You have got to be kidding me.  Spring break does NOT equal spring cleaning at my house. What kind of insane mother would I be to think I would actually accomplish something like spring cleaning with two kids home all week. I’m lucky if they don’t destroy the house!

The week after spring break, maybe.

Besides, spring break is supposed to be MY vacation, too. If I get a whole week of sleeping in and not having to be the bedtime policewoman, then I’m on vacation. I do NOT think of spring cleaning as a vacation activity.

What kind of mother makes her kids clean the house for spring break?  Just… wow.

(Now that I think about it, I’m guessing most of my teacher-mom friends (aka “momcher”) are trying to squeeze in a little spring cleaning this week.  I’m in awe. I’m humbled.  Just… wow.)

(And while we’re on the subject, why is spring break normally capitalized but spring cleaning is not? Does that bug anyone but me?)

spring break equals spring cleaning

Chores I hate

(Do adults have chores? As a stay at home mom I think these may fall more under the category of job description than chores. But in the spirit of the prompt, I’ll go with it.)

1. Cleaning out the cat litter box.

2. Cleaning slimy stinky stuff from the refrigerator.

3. Cleaning slimy stinky stuff from other places.  Like… the backseat of the car… the abandoned igloo cooler… the bottom of my son’s backpack… the boy’s bathroom…

4. Matching socks.

5. Balancing my checkbook.

6. Paying taxes.

7. Touching raw chicken.

8. Cleaning toilets.

9. Taking out the trash.

10. Shaving my legs.

(Hmmm… there’s a theme in there somewhere. Apparently I don’t like slimy or stinky.  Who knew? If Oscar the Grouch loved it, it’s probably on my hate list.)

Chores I don’t mind doing.

1. Shopping at Target.

2. Shopping at the “cute” grocery store.  (Sprouts – it’s small, it has good prices, and the healthy produce focus makes it easy for me to make good choices.)

3. Buying stuff we need from Amazon.

4. Buying toilet paper.  Oh let’s be honest… buying anything at Costco is fine.

5 – 10.  Ummm…. really?

(And again with the theme. I like to shop.)

How do I make them more fun.

1. I’m not sure cleaning out the cat box will ever be fun. For the past few years, I’ve been mildly entertained by delegating the task to my sons. They do a horrible job, but then when my husband complains I just point the finger at the kids.  Things may get a whole lot more entertaining shortly.  My husband just bought a kit to potty train BOTH cats.  (Oh admit it, you can’t wait to read a blog post on how well that goes.)

2. The best way to make cleaning slimy stinky stuff from the refrigerator fun is to AVOID it. My current goal is to eat stuff before it goes nasty. When that fails, I put on the loudest music I can in an effort to distract myself.

3. Slimy stinky stuff will never be fun. If I can’t prevent it or avoid it, I’m in favor of delegating it.

slimy stinky stuff

4. To make matching socks fun, I guess I could try turning two of the socks into sock puppets. Then I could pretend to watch as I forced my lowly sock servants to sort all my socks. For extra entertainment, I could make up dialog for them. (No, that will NOT be a future blog post.)

5. Balancing my checkbook would be a LOT more fun with more money in the bank.  If I had a few extra million bucks in the bank I’d look forward to balancing the account on a daily basis.

6. Paying taxes can not possibly be made more fun.  Not even if I made the poor sock slaves do it.

7. Touching raw chicken… hmm… perhaps if I were a famous TV celebrity chef getting paid lots of money I could find mild enjoyment in touching raw chicken.  Maybe even enough to call it “a good thing.”

8. To make cleaning toilets fun, I could try the sock puppet slaves.  Then again, maybe not. I’ve tried avoiding this chore (it didn’t work). I’ve tried preventing the problem (not sustainable). I’ve tried delegating it.  Perhaps if…  nah… nothing will make this chore enjoyable.

9. Taking out the trash is WAY more fun when I supervise. I never mind telling my kids to take out the trash. Not even when they call me “bossy” and pout.

10. Shaving my legs would be much more fun if I was going to show them off in somewhere exotic, preferably with a new outfit and shoes.  Even a fresh pedi would make the chore a little more fun.

Let’s be honest, a good game of MOMgo would help most of the chores I dislike.

Even though I poked fun of the writing prompt a bit, I love the spirit behind the question. Thinking about how to make unpleasant chores more enjoyable (or at least less unpleasant) is a great skill to teach kids (and adults).

Care to share? What’s on YOUR list? And can you possibly make cleaning toilets into a “fun” chore?

Susan Baker
I have a passion for encouraging weary worn out mothers to find joy in everyday motherhood and peace in unlikely places. I have two elementary school boys, one nerdy husband, and two cats. I have a strange fascination for bad puns, the color pink, socks, and books. I worry about running out of toilet paper, wine, and chocolate.. I serve an amazing God. I live an ordinary life filled with wonder.
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Susan Baker

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