If I caught a Leprechaun

Today’s leprechaun themed post is inspired by a writing prompt I found on Pinterest.

It’s a FREE download from Teachers Pay Teachers. (If I was a teacher I would be all over that site! It has some super cool ideas.)  It was created by Brenda Cosby and she has a super cute blog – You Might be a First Grader… 

It’s part of a week long fun-fest of elementary school writing prompts I found on Pinterest.

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If I caught a Leprechaun I’d wish for:

if i caught a leprechaun

Oooh. I get three wishes.  There are three blanks, so I get three wishes right?  And since we’re clearly in the land of fantasy, I get to wish for imaginary stuff.  Cool.

First, I’d wish for a house elf.  I figure leprechauns would know how to make that happen since they are both magical creatures. A house elf like Dobby in the Harry Potter series would be perfect!  He (or she, I’m not picky) could do all the housework. They’d be way cheaper than maid service, and the house would stay clean and spotless all the time. I bet I could even get a house elf to bring me breakfast in bed.  How amazing would that be!

About the only thing a house elf couldn’t do for me would be sort the socks.

Second, I’d wish to heal everyone.

(Stick with me, it’s a fantasy literature inspired list.)

Specifically, I want the sands of sanctity. The sands of sanctity can heal anything short of actual death.  It’s from the Fablehaven book series for middle grades.  It is one of five magical artifacts that have to be recovered as part of a larger quest.  Recovering each artifact involves lots of danger and adventure.  In the books, the sands of sanctity heals people from zombification, poison, and broken bones.  I figure it would do an amazing job of healing all the little aches and pains of middle age.

(Yes, this is my equivalent of wishing to cure cancer or create world peace.  I feel like such a beauty pageant queen right now.)

While I enjoyed this fantasy series, I’ve put it off limits for the kids for now. It’s a bit heavy on demons and ghosts and zombification for them. Your kids may be different, but this falls in the “likely to provoke nightmares” category for us.

Lastly, I would wish for the world’s most amazing purse.

I want an adventurer’s bag from the Adventurer’s Wanted series.  It’s a leather bag that you can carry on your shoulder and can hold everything you need.  (Hola… totally the description of a purse!)  Since the series is in a magical world, it’s a pretty slick purse.  Just whisper the magical password and you can walk into the bag.  They’ve tricked those bags out with bathrooms, a pantry where food never goes bad, a closet, a library, and even a greenhouse.  If you whisper into the bag, the item you ask for magically pops out.

(See why I want one?  Wouldn’t that be the the most amazing purse? As a bonus, I could hide my craft stash in there and keep my husband from complaining. )

As a bonus, all the bags in the books are filled with treasure. I could live with a bag filled with vast amounts of gold and jewelry.

If you have a fantasy buff in your house, this series is worth checking into.  My fourth grader devoured the first four books of the series and is eagerly awaiting the fifth.  My husband and I found the books equally enjoyable.

if i caught a leprechaun header

So what would you wish for?

If you joined in today’s prompt, be sure and leave me a note in the comments. I’d love to read it!

Be sure and join in the fun with tomorrow’s Spring Break themed prompt.

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