Five Minute Friday – Crowd

Here we are, back at Five Minute Friday!  Today is the day I write for the sake of writing.  I love this day.

Last time the word was WILLING.

Today’s writing prompt is… CROWD.


Five Minute Friday

five minute friday crowd

Even as I type this, the sounds drift down the stairs. The boys are home, starting Spring Break a day earlier than normal.  Instead of the normal blissful silence, I’m writing in a stolen moment.

It won’t be long until their noises and needs begin to crowd me, begin to drown out the small voice of the writer in my head.

It won’t be long until the momma brain takes over and crowds out all other thoughts, evicting this fragile sense of self that happens when I write.

But my home was built for crowds.

It’s too big for me alone.

During the day, when the silence descends upon the house, I rattle around like a lost soul.  It is only in the afternoons, when the house is filled with them, that my home comes alive once again… brought to life with their messes and their noise and their joy.

It was here, in the stolen moments that I first began to write. My first summer of blogging was spent (in large part) on my bed – with my laptop propped against one knee as the boys dog piled on top of me.  I first eked out that small sense of self (the one that ISN’T “just a mom”) against the steady backdrop of Scooby Doo marathons.

(This year, they proudly assert they are too old… too old for dog piles, too old for Scooby, too old to be contained by the tumble of covers that was my bed.  How quickly the time passes.)

Their noises crowd my thoughts.  More now than then. Perhaps because I’ve grown to relish the silence.

But my home was built for crowds. My life is built around the ebb and flow of them, gently absorbing the crowd that is them US, then gently easing back into the vacuum of their absence.

And so I write in stolen moments.  Content to embrace the crowded feeling that Spring Break brings.  Soon they will be “too old.”  Soon enough, the vacuum will come again.


spring is a party

Five Minute Friday  is hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker on her blog. Five minutes of free writing flash mob goodness.

Other voices on the same writing prompt can be found on Lisa’s blog – go check out a few!

If you aren’t familiar, the rules are simple.  Lisa-Jo gives a single word writing prompt every Friday.  Each of us have five minutes to write and post.  No editing, no second guessing, no fancy stuff.  Just plain writing – straight from the heart. (click HERE for the official rules and details).  Then we go visit other participants and shower them with comment love

Five Minute Friday

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  1. Anonymous says

    I love your learned perspective, Susan. I think mothers are one of the most beautiful things God made! And when plugged into Him, they humbly and graciously portray His maternal character. Though a “Father”, very much a “Mother”. You’re a beautiful woman and I thank God for your perspective on “crowd”.

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