Resources for Spring Break

Good morning friends! Today I’m in a mad scramble trying to get ready for Spring Break.  It kind of caught me off guard.  It doesn’t FEEL like spring…

Today I’m rounding up some ideas to help us all survive spring break.  I figure we can all use a little help.

I knew next week was Spring Break.  I knew the kids had fun run the day before Spring Break.  What I didn’t realize was that fun run is on Thursday this year.  Spring Break starts on Friday (not next Monday like I thought).

As far as my kids are concerned, Spring Break starts Thursday morning when they “fuel up with flap jacks” at school before their fun run.  That made today (Tuesday) practically “Spring Break Eve.”  All that fun combined with the residual effects of the time change have me a little flustered.

I’m NOT ready… I’m sooooo not ready.

spring break

Spring Break Resources

Since I’ve written about spring break survival before, I thought I’d round up the content in one easy place just for you.

10 Spring Break Survival Tips (be sure and catch my #1 favorite tip of all time).

spring break survival tips

281 Summer Boredom Busters (my most popular pin on Pinterest).

281 summer boredom busters


Staycation Ideas (be sure and check out my Pinterest board on the subject as well.)

staycation survival

10 Ideas for adding Indoor Fun (old but still good).

indoor play

Get off the internet and go play with your kids (in case you needed a reminder or some inspiration).

Go play with your kids. Whatever sounds they are making are WAY less annoying when you make them too. Whatever mess they get into is much more fun if you help make it. Whatever trouble they are getting into is much safer if you join in the mischief.

Fun Fact

We don’t keep a lot of junk food in the house.  I refuse to buy pop tarts or sugar cereal on a regular basis.  A few years back, I caved and let the boys buy “junk” for Spring Break.  It’s become somewhat of a tradition.  I’m quite sure that by noon on Friday both boys will be elbows deep into the sugar-crack cereal box surrounded by empty pop tart wrappers.

The good news is that once they eat through all the junk they don’t get any more until summer break.


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