1. Kimberly Osborn says

    This is so awesome!! You attempt and your posting of the failure. I would have never attempted sewing this or anything larger than my hand.

  2. I needed to laugh this hard–thank you!

  3. So funny and your son was adorable in his poses! Great personality! Of course, don't mention to him that I said adorable. I started to tell you how I would do this if you decide to try it again and realized the best outcome and easiest way is just to buy a pattern for pajama pants. There are lots that are marked "easy" and "make it tonight", etc. It really isn't hard, and you already invested in the fabric, so…
    Good luck! Post the pics of everyone in them if you do it!!

  4. The pants would’ve totally rocked but for one thing. Your crotch seam. A simple alteration to that seam and you wouldve been golden. Any basic jammie pattern can correct that for you, at little cost, and it’s so worth it. You can use a basic pant pattern for jammies, faux jeans with an elastic waist, cargo pants or shorts…Yeah. *I would die without my sewing machine 😀 *

  5. Lol , This is so awesome, So funny and your son was adorable in his poses… Nice post 😀

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