Five Minute Friday – Willing

Here we are, back at Five Minute Friday!  Today is the day I write for the sake of writing.  I love this day.

Last time the word was CHOOSE.

Today’s writing prompt is… WILLING.

five minute friday willing

Five Minute Friday

Lord, I’m here. I’m willing.  But…. that’s all I’ve got.

It’s an ongoing theme to my prayers.  I tend to take on much more than I’m capable of doing. I tend to end up over my head, totally clueless to the next step, overwhelmed beyond description.  I tend to end up on my knees.

(OK, not really on my knees. In the months since knee surgery, actually kneeling has proven a bit impractical.  But… in my heart I’m on my knees.)

Taking on big huge scary goals requires a lot of willing (and kneeling).

Moses probably had the same prayer.  At some point in his journey through the desert, he must have looked up towards God and said

I’ve got nothing… over to you.

Jabez is pretty open with his version of the prayer

may your hand be with me.

Even Ezekiel told God

Lord, only you know that.

In my mind, my prayer is just one more in the long history of people who have, like Moses, looked up to the sky and acknowledged that they need God in order to accomplish the task.  And I’m pretty sure that God is OK with that.

Lord, I’m here. I’m willing.  But…. that’s all I’ve got.

Every time I pray this, it gets easier.  At first, I used it for big stuff (like leading a bible study at the last minute without any preparation).  Or I’d use it as a last resort (like after I totally messed stuff up on my own).  Increasingly, I use it for small things…

… like getting through the day

… like cramming five extra things on my to do list

… like showing up at the gym even when I don’t want to

… like helping my son finish his science project

It just works.

Lord, I’m here. I’m willing.  But…. that’s all I’ve got.

He answers. Whatever it is that I lack, He brings.   I just have to be willing to ask.


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Five Minute Friday  is hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker on her blog. Five minutes of free writing flash mob goodness.

Other voices on the same writing prompt can be found on Lisa’s blog in her post on How to get the first three chapters of her new book free. (OK, that’s not really the title, but it’s close.)

If you aren’t familiar, the rules are simple.  Lisa-Jo gives a single word writing prompt every Friday.  Each of us have five minutes to write and post.  No editing, no second guessing, no fancy stuff.  Just plain writing – straight from the heart. (click HERE for the official rules and details).  Then we go visit other participants and shower them with comment love

Five Minute Friday

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  1. I loved your take on the prompt word at FMF. I think you spoke for all of us — Lord, I’m here. I’m willing. But … that’s all I’ve got. And I can hear Moses saying "I’ve got nothing … over to You" during his prayer time. Well, well done

  2. appreciated all the references to the prayers of bible folks – and then knowing how God took their willingness even when He’d taken them beyond their ability and capacity.

    great write this friday!
    richelle recently posted..Five Minute Friday ~ When You’re Willing…My Profile

  3. I loved this! I feel like that often. I’m willing. But that’s all I’ve got. I get that.
    Jean recently posted..Five Minute Friday: WillingMy Profile

  4. Oh, I love this. “Lord, I’m here. I’m willing. But…. that’s all I’ve got.” I’m am going to be using this now. It’s just perfect…yes for the big things, but also for the day to day. YES!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Pinterest Nightmare #593: The Emergency Face Mask BraMy Profile

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