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When the backseat DVD is broken

We had a pair of the backseat DVD players installed when we bought our latest car. It’s been about 18 months, and I really had forgotten what a game changer they were.

Right up until they broke.

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I might be a gym bunny

My husband called me a “gym bunny” the other day and I was mightily offended.

He had absolutely no clue that I struggled not to take off my favorite gym shoe and throw it as his head as he wandered out of the room. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been grinning when he popped back in a few seconds later to proclaim

I’ve always secretly wanted a gym bunny for a wife.

I stewed for hours.

Not because my husband is deriving some enjoyment from my ever-shrinking body but because I don’t see myself as a gym bunny. There’s still an X in the size of my t-shirts, how can I possibly be a gym bunny?

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Cat in the Hat please come back

A few days behind schedule (thanks to a massive cold), but I’m finishing up my series on writing prompts for grown ups.  Today’s prompt is “Would you like the Cat in the Hat to come to your house?”

The pin is from a blog called First Grade Fever.  The minute I saw the blog, You know how kindergarten and first grade rooms can be amazing spaces with every inch of wall space decorated in an explosion of color and chaos?  The blog looks just like that.   It looks like they’re hatching baby chickens in honor of spring right now.

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MOMtor Monday – Weird and Wonderful

It’s MOMtor Monday! I’m over at Mothering From Scratch today sharing my thoughts on Laurie Wallin’s new book, Your Weirdness Is Wonderful and why the book was pretty much written just for me.

(To catch you up on my ever fascinating life…  My in laws left last Wednesday from their unexpected visit.   By Wednesday night, I knew I was sick. I spent Thursday and Friday in bed listening to my kids destroy the house in a spring-break driven haze of Legos and video games and potato chips.  

Yes, my MOMtor post is an accurate reflection of what really happens in our bedroom several nights a week.  That’s just how we roll.  The fact that he slept on the couch twice last week had nothing to do with our “discussion” OR his mom’s visit. It was entirely based on my cold.  

This morning the kids went back to school. The rains last night seem to have washed away much of the pollen that has fallen over the past week. It was bad – yellow drifts of the stuff were everywhere.  I’m left trying to catch up on laundry, restock the pantry, and corral all the minifigs back into the play room.

Remember two weeks ago when I confessed I was having crafting urges again? Right after I posted the pants of shame, I went and dug out the sewing machine again. I started AND finished a quilted table runner.  It’s sitting on my kitchen table right this very minute.  I pieced it together, quilted it, and put a binding around the edge.  Just… don’t look too close.  It came out better than the pants of shame or the now-famous zipper catastrophe, but that still leaves a lot of room for improvement.

I *might* have thrown the “table quilt” in my husband’s lap yesterday as proof that I actually DO finish things.  He may or may not have responded appropriately.)

If that last little bit puzzles you, you obviously didn’t go read my post over at Mothering From Scratch.  Go… now.  I’ll wait.

why i’m OK with being weird

Now it all makes sense, right?

You seriously need to get your hands on Laurie’s book.  You will be blessed!  Just click on my Amazon link and download your copy.


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Daring Dictionary Discipline Debut

Today’s writing prompt was found on Pinterest.  It calls for me to pick a random word out of the dictionary and write a story that starts with that word.  It took a lot of discipline to pick the FIRST word.

(Honestly, I didn’t. I knew better. I’d end up picking the best word on the page. So I asked my kids to pick it for me. I have no idea if they cheated or not. Come to think of it, there was a ton of giggling involved. Hmmm…)

The idea is from Sarah Selecky as part of her daily writing prompts email subscription. (At least, that’s what the URL leads to. Since the pin is clearly from that site, it seems like a good guess. I’m not familiar with her blog or email subscription, but it looks pretty cool.)

All week, I’m writing to prompts I found on Pinterest. Most of them are from prompts designed for school-age kids. This one isn’t, but it could be.  If I were in 4th grade I could have fun with this one.

Ready to find out the word my story starts with?

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Spring Break means Spring Cleaning

Today’s post on spring break and spring cleaning is inspired by a writing prompt I spotted on Pinterest.

Spring Break at my house means spring cleaning.
There are jobs I don’t mind doing and jobs I hate.
Write two lists of chores you hate and chores you don’t mind doing.
How do you make the chores you hate more fun?

The pin came with a super cute graphic.  It’s from a blog called Artistry of Education.

(Why yes, this is part of the week long series on writing prompts for adults. I’m so glad you asked.) [Read more…]

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If I caught a Leprechaun

Today’s leprechaun themed post is inspired by a writing prompt I found on Pinterest.

It’s a FREE download from Teachers Pay Teachers. (If I was a teacher I would be all over that site! It has some super cool ideas.)  It was created by Brenda Cosby and she has a super cute blog – You Might be a First Grader… 

It’s part of a week long fun-fest of elementary school writing prompts I found on Pinterest.

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Writing Prompts for Grown Ups

The backstory on this post is long (and entertaining), but the end result is that I’m going to shake things up on the blog this week and work from a list of writing prompts for grown ups.  If you want to play along, I’d love to see your response to the same prompt!

If I was really organized I’d have a link party or something, but um… we know I’m not that organized.  If you’re playing along, leave me a note in comments and I’ll promote the snot out of your post for you.  Fair?

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Five Minute Friday – Crowd

Here we are, back at Five Minute Friday!  Today is the day I write for the sake of writing.  I love this day.

Last time the word was WILLING.

Today’s writing prompt is… CROWD.

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Dogs or cats? The endless war.

My fourth grade son talks about the endless war between cats and dogs – a lot.

He’s not talking about the whole cats versus dogs thing from movies or cartoons. He’s talking about the ongoing debate in his grade.  It’s been raging for over two years now.

At this point, no one remembers how the whole thing got started. According to my son, the whole fourth grade is divided between cat lovers and dog lovers. You can’t like both. You can’t like neither.  You have to pick a side.

(I’m quite certain that “you can’t like neither” is a little wonky as a sentence. I can diagram it, it’s logically and technically accurate, but it sounds “wrong.” It’s the kind of thing my high school English teacher would have put a big red circle around and scrawled “awk” next to it.  

No, she wasn’t amused when I put wings on “awk” and turned it into a bird doodle on my essay. She wasn’t amused by the entire class screeching like “awk birds” when she returned our papers to us.  She eventually started writing “awkward” on our papers instead.  

She wasn’t a fan of long parenthetical interruptions, short paragraphs, or ellipses either. We got along like a house on fire. But I digress. I’m supposed to be writing about cats and dogs, not awk birds.)

It’s been a long debate. These kids started arguing about cats and dogs in second grade.  That’s practically their ENTIRE lives. It’s referred to as “the endless war.”

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