S.B.O. (Strange Bedroom Objects)

Psst.  I’d like to talk about your S.B.O.  (You know… those strange bedroom objects that mysteriously appear over time.)

You’re never sure about how they got there, but suddenly your serene master bedroom retreat is littered with S.B.O. and your bedroom feels anything BUT restful.  It may start with something small and innocent, like a single game token or doll shoe or Lego.  Next thing you know, every surface (including the floor) is littered with S.B.O.

strange bedroom objects

Strange Bedroom Objects

Let’s face it, we sleep better in a neat and tidy bedroom.

(That never makes sense to me because I can’t actually SEE the clutter in the dark… with my glasses off… and my eyes closed.  But I know it’s true.)

A recent roundup of S.B.O. in my own home included a large tote of yarn, a two foot tall exercise ball, several Lego figures, a half dozen toy cars, the missing kitchen scissors, a box of vitamins, and some random sporting equipment.

strangest thing in my bedroom

It also included a pacifier.  My youngest child is eight.  He quit using a paci at six months and we’ve moved since then.  I have no clue how a pink pacifier got into my bedroom.  I’m not sure I even WANT to know.

So what’s your score?

Take a quick glance around your bedroom and then score yourself accordingly.

+5 points for each:  large exercise equipment, enormous toy, storage box, or Christmas decoration

+3 points for each: container of craft project, box of “stash and dash”, or laundry basket

+1 point for each:  toy, small electronic part, child’s book, child’s shoe, or empty wine glass

Now subtract your mom points.

– 10 points for: being the mom to an infant, being pregnant, being sick, or because you’ve had a snow day this month.

– 5 points for: each child in diapers.

– 3 points for: each child you are raising.

-1 point if it’s the weekend (or whatever other excuse you feel is fair)

And that means?

Scores of 100 or larger: Pssst… move the laundry baskets out into the hallway and try again.

Scores between 5 and 99:  Girl, you are perfectly normal.  You rock.

Scores below 5:  Hmmm… either you just cleaned up or you’ve been racking up some serious mom points elsewhere.  Either way, you rock.

So what’s your S.B.O.?

I’d love to know your score.

Make me laugh… what’s the craziest object in your bedroom today (that doesn’t make you blush).

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  1. HA HA HA! I think I got a score that tells me I need to everything into the hallway…does that seem possible?! 😉 This made me laugh so hard, because my bedroom is most definitely not my sanctuary like Oprah says it should be!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..My Husband Got A Standing Ovation At StarbucksMy Profile

    • Go dump it all in someone else’s bedroom. (evil grin). My bedroom is rarely a sanctuary. When it is, my husband looks at me with one of those “what did you do wrong” looks. I can almost hear “Lucy… you got some splainin to do….”

  2. My score would blow the top off your chart unless you are willing to give me a few hundred negative points because I am unpacking from moving. Seriously, as organized as I try to be there are always those “well what the heck am I going to do with this” things that the answer is always “stick it in my bedroom and I’ll figure it out later.”
    Mo recently posted..A New Angel In HeavenMy Profile

    • Hmmm… I think I need to modify my scale to take moving into account. I think ANY major life event can turn our bedrooms into a mess. I didn’t realize you were moving. Yuck!

      My nightstand is the recipient of a lot of little “I don’t know what to do with this” items. The big ones get stuck in the laundry room.

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