It’s Monday. Again.

It’s Monday.  Again.  And once again my kids are not in school today.

They won’t be in school tomorrow either.


It feels like there’s no such thing as a normal week anymore.


(I know, I have it easy.  I don’t have snow.  We actually mowed the yard this weekend.  This morning was spent remembering how to play baseball.)

(Wait! Before you start hating on me… I’m wearing shorts and sandals.  That means I had to SHAVE MY LEGS today.  It means I actually had to show my toes in public.  There ARE advantages to winter weather.)

When did we last have a normal week?

Because I was curious, I decided to look on the calendar.

(I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you want to get really bummed out.)

To me, a normal week is one where my kids go to school all five days, my husband is working every day, and I’m not constantly interrupted from my normal routine.  It’s also a week where there aren’t school parties or random holidays (particularly the candy kind of holidays).  Because I’m picky, I also define a “normal” week as one that doesn’t immediately before or after a three day weekend.

(So even though my kids were in school all five days of  last week, it doesn’t count as normal.  Why?  (a) it was a candy holiday week (b) there were school parties and (c.) it was just before a long weekend.)


I had to flip back to NOVEMBER to find a week that met my definition of normal.

Given that the first week of November included the kids having a “candy hangover” and me recovering from surgery in a Vicodin induced haze, I’d hardly call it normal.

It was OCTOBER of last year when things were last running tickety-boo in my house.  That’s when the kids had the before school and bedtime routines down so well that they didn’t argue.  That’s when my biggest challenge was … well… ME.

welcome to the new normal

It’s Monday.

My kids are out of school.

And I’m forced to concede that this is probably normal.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my expectations for a “normal week” are just not reasonable.  I’ve decided to redefine a “normal week” for us as any week that we are all home.

(Even by that definition, last week wasn’t normal.  Hubby was traveling and made it back JUST before the snow shut all the airports down.  Again.)

It’s Monday.

Welcome to the new normal.

(In case you’re wondering, I’d say there is definitely a correlation between the chaos in our schedule and all the missed blog posts of late.  I know I’m not alone in feeling too frazzled to form coherent thoughts into words.)

Snow belt mommas – how exactly are y’all making up all the snow days this year?  I’ve heard some of you are losing spring break (eek!) and some are extending the school year well into summer.  

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  1. I forgot for a minute which blog I was reading – I thought it was another blogger who lives in my town and I was really confused about how she was mowing her grass since my yard is still covered with snow and I’m assuming hers is too. I was pretty relieved when I realized it was you, Susan. And yes, I have ADHD.

    It does seem like it’s been a doozy of a winter. I’m so ready for it to be over.

    I suppose it’s good that you’ve recognized and accepted the “new normal”. But you have my sympathies because it’s probably not the “new normal” you would have hoped for.
    Patty recently posted..What’s For Dinner (No. 107)My Profile

  2. Oh I used to hate those long stretches of not-full-weeks when my kids were in school. The only consolation is that the teachers hate the short weeks even more. Actually, I bet the only ones who like the incomplete weeks are the kids. When did they get the keys to the kingdom?!?!
    Mo recently posted..An Evening of Pinot Noir – A Pinot-PaloozaMy Profile

    • I know the teachers dislike it too. I was chatting with my son’s teacher on Valentine’s day at the party and she was rolling her eyes at all the lost instructional days.

  3. I wonder if I can mow snow? Probably would not please the husband. I better not try it although our current snow is melting. It is rather sad when I am hoping my boys make it to school 4 days this week. Good for you in embracing the new normal. I’m still in denial. Oh, and to answer your question…the boys lost one day of this current break (we were to have off last Thurs, Fri, and today but they went to school on Thurs) to make up. Not sure if we’ll lose more or not.
    Jean recently posted..My Spring Fever is Raging, Starting Successful on MondayMy Profile

  4. GIRL I SO FEEL YOU!!! My kids went half a day LAST TUESDAY…and they don’t go back to school until tomorrow…WEDNESDAY!! They had yesterday off for President’s Day and today off for some Teacher Work Day/ “Winter Break” Day. GAH!!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am for tomorrow to come. If one of my kids wakes up with a fever and has to stay home or something I will just hang my head and cry. –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Would You Rather: Hear All Of Your Best Friend’s Thoughts Or Not Communicate At All?My Profile

    • OK. This week is SUPPOSED to be a full five day week. Tonight is “skate night” for the entire elementary school. Friday is “Go Texan” day (dress up like a cowboy). I’m not sure who is more frustrated – the parents are the teachers.

      Yesterday, my son acted like he was running a fever. I just about came unglued. (He’s at school. I refuse to take his temperature and he seems fine.)

  5. I feel you. In our household, it’s always a madhouse when the kids are home.
    David Ryan recently posted..The CalculatrMy Profile

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