MOMtor Monday – Look how organized I am.

Today is MOMtor Monday!  I’m guest posting over at Mothering From Scratch and I couldn’t be happier.  Today’s post is part of their “Start With One” series on overcoming the overwhelming.  This week, the topic is organization.

Y’all.  Don’t laugh.  Seriously.  Be nice to me.  You are NOT allowed to laugh at the fact that I was tasked to write a post about one thing other people could do to feel more organized.

momtor monday organized

OK.  Go ahead and laugh.

When I told my husband this particular writing assignment, he just gave me a blank stare.  Then he said

they do know you, right?

Yes honey, they do.  Melinda and Kathy (the genius duo behind Mothering from Scratch) have um… emailed me more than once for missing a deadline on a guest post.


I have a regular gig guest posting on someone else’s blog and I routinely miss my deadlines.  I’ve been known to even respond to their reminders with “um… what was the topic again?”  In all honesty, I even missed the deadline for THIS post.


Y’all know me too.  You know I struggle with my laundry room.  I get excited about decluttering the boxes from my dining room after two years.  I lose important stuff like car keys and credit cards and cash.  I forget stuff like scheduling a birthday party for my son.

I am NOT an organized person.

I can tell you a lot of things that don’t work for me.  I can give you long lists of ways I have failed at organizing stuff.  If there is a way to be disorganized, I’ve done it.  Really.

But I can tell you the one thing that DOES work for me.

(Actually, I did.  It’s in today’s guest post.)

It’s one simple word.

One word  helps me plow through sock piles and boxes and piles of paper like an organizational genius.


Go check out my MOMtor Monday post to find out what my big secret is.

start with one momtor monday

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