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Five Minute Friday – Choose

Here we are, back at Five Minute Friday!  Today is the day I write for the sake of writing.  I love this day.

Last time the word was SMALL.

Today’s writing prompt is… CHOOSE.

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When you can’t do your job as a mom…

During the long period of knee injury and recovery, I had to confront what happens when a mom can’t do her job as a mom.

In the process, I confronted issues of identity, purpose, significance, and value. In the end, I truly believe that my identity is not based on my accomplishments.  That’s not where I get my value or purpose.

I know it’s true, but even as I type it, part of me squirms uncomfortably. There’s a small voice inside that whimpers “but what about…” [Read more…]

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The Unexpected Blessing of Surgery

I never thought I would talk about the unexpected blessing of surgery.

I guess that’s what makes it unexpected.

The truth is that being forced to sit on the sidelines and ask for help has been good for me.  It’s been good for my family too, even if they haven’t enjoyed it.

The truth is that God was out to heal much more than a wounded knee.  

When I first was injured, I had no idea I would end up finding peace in the unlikeliest of places.

Note: I originally wrote this post EIGHT DAYS after my knee surgery.  I didn’t share it at the time.  I can’t explain why other than I knew there was more to the story.  There was.  And I’m finally ready to share about it in a series of posts wrenched from my heart in the months since my surgery.  

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MOMtor Monday – When you don’t feel like a good mom

It’s my MOMtor Monday with the ladies over at Mothering From Scratch. Today, I’m talking about three different strategies you can use when you don’t feel like a good (enough) mom.

If you know me, you know I struggle with feeling like a good mom.

Like the time I (almost) gave my son food poisoning.

The strategies I share are the tried and true ones that work for me.

What I didn’t share is that sometimes, there’s a powerful lesson hidden in those I-am-a-horrible-mom moments.  Sometimes, those are the moments that end up having the biggest impact in my life.

Like the time my kids blew up stuff in the kitchen.

Head on over to Mothering From Scratch.  While you’re there, be sure to follow them on Facebook and sign up for their free ebook.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

good mom having a bad day

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Five Minute Friday – Small

It’s Five Minute Friday!  My favorite writing time of the week.

Last time the word was GARDEN.

Today’s writing prompt is… SMALL.

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How to bring back eighties music (and some be bop)

Music is a funny thing.  It’s both universal (we all listen to it) and intensely personal.

We can all listen to the exact same music and have entirely different responses.  (I’ve never liked Debbie Gibson, but my husband did.)

We can love something one day and loathe it the next. (I used to love Tone Loc, but now his stuff just seems lame.)

Right now, my family seems determined to bring back the eighties (and some funky jazz tracks, but who’s counting).

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S.B.O. (Strange Bedroom Objects)

Psst.  I’d like to talk about your S.B.O.  (You know… those strange bedroom objects that mysteriously appear over time.)

You’re never sure about how they got there, but suddenly your serene master bedroom retreat is littered with S.B.O. and your bedroom feels anything BUT restful.  It may start with something small and innocent, like a single game token or doll shoe or Lego.  Next thing you know, every surface (including the floor) is littered with S.B.O.

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It’s Monday. Again.

It’s Monday.  Again.  And once again my kids are not in school today.

They won’t be in school tomorrow either.


It feels like there’s no such thing as a normal week anymore. [Read more…]

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Five Minute Friday – Garden

It’s Five Minute Friday!  My favorite writing time of the week.

Last time the word was WRITE.

Today’s writing prompt is… GARDEN.

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What are you giving for Valentine’s Day?

Commercials this time of year drive me crazy.  All the Valentine’s Day focus is just a bit… overwhelming.

(No, this isn’t me being snarky because I won’t get flowers.  We’ve covered that already.)

I can’t go 30 minutes without hearing some kind of commercial for roses or chocolate or stuffed animals or “sleep” wear or jewelry.  Quite frankly, it seems a bit lopsided.  All those ads are focused on telling men what to buy for their lady-friend.

(In a random sampling of all the men in my household, my husband indicated quite clearly that no man wants flowers, stuffed animals, jewelry, or thong underwear.  The jury was out on chocolate and boxers.)

It has me a bit confused.

what are you giving for valentine

Am I supposed to buy something for my husband? Beyond a few commercials for greeting cards, I haven’t seen any “helpful” ads giving gift recommendations for the holiday.  The hardware and auto parts stores are devoid of a gift aisle with helpful suggestions for the man in my life.

For a time, I thought I was supposed to cook up some kind of amazing man-dinner to show my undying love for my husband.  But then I remembered all those restaurant specials and commercials for a romantic dinner package.  If my husband is supposed to take me OUT to dinner, it’s kind of hard to think I would cook for him on the same night.

Am I just supposed to model whatever “sleep” ware shows up at the doorstep?  After being plied with champagne and chocolate am I supposed to just melt into his arms with passion?  If I do, is that my gift to him?

(we ARE happily married. don’t be shocked that i used the word “passion”.)

I don’t know what to do!

I get it. The whole Valentine’s Day thing is about showing how much we love the very special people in our life.  It’s about romance.

But it just seems to me that all the advertising and pressure is one sided. The guys are supposed to spend all this time and energy (and money) to shower the ladies in love and romance.

Where’s the pressure on the ladies?

Sometime between now (the day before Valentine’s Day) and next Monday, some woman you know will be in a tiff because her husband didn’t live up to her romantic expectations.  If she’s wise, she’ll keep her unhappiness private.  If she isn’t, it will be all over Facebook.

No men will get in a tiff.  You won’t see vague Facebook posts from men passively expressing their unhappiness because their wife forgot to buy him a card (or bought the wrong size socket wrench for his gift).

Other than this unspoken expectation that we feel passionate, women seem to escape all the pressure of the day.

what are you going to give

What should I give?


I don’t want Valentine’s Day to be a one sided event.  My husband won’t bring me flowers or chocolate, but that doesn’t mean he’s a total lunk-head that ignores the day.  He’ll do something to show me that he loves me.

I need help! I’ll be hanging out on Pinterest for the next day or so trying to find an idea.

If you have suggestions, let me know.

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