and today’s post is…

Today’s post is late.

It should have been written last Friday and scheduled.  But last Friday the city of Houston shut down and closed because it dropped below freezing.  There was a prediction of frozen rain.  We Houstonians don’t know how to drive on ice.

Since it wasn’t written last Friday, it probably should have been written this weekend.  But this weekend the weather was glorious.  The afternoons were warm and sunny.  I spent time watching my kids play in the yard and chatting with a neighbor instead.

Since it wasn’t written over the weekend, it should have been written yesterday.  (along with um… yesterday’s post.  oops.)  But we had this crazy weather thing going and I knew the kids would be out of school again today.  I had a bunch of errands, lunch with a girlfriend, gym time.  It just got crazy busy and there wasn’t a second to think.

Since it wasn’t written yesterday, it should have been written this morning.  But Houston is closed again.  There’s probably ten whole snow flakes on my car.   There is a single icicle on my rose bush that’s a whole quarter inch long.  My husband offered to work from home and keep the kids this morning while I went to the gym.  I don’t think he’d even finished the offer before I was putting on my gym shoes.  Let’s just say it was my longest workout ever.

Today’s post is random.

and todays post is

It was going to be this really funny story about my lunch date yesterday.  But the server ate it.

It was going to be this really funny story with the photos about the pants of shame.  But the photos have mysteriously disappeared off my phone.

It was going to be based on some funny quotes of my kids that I jotted down in the kitchen last week.  But the paper is missing.

Today’s post is honest.

I haven’t had time to write since before Christmas.  My life is a little chaotic right now.  It’s mostly good stuff, but change of any kind can be a challenge.  It’s not just a lack of writing time, it’s a lack of thinking time.

Good grief, I haven’t even had time to log onto Pinterest in weeks.

Today’s post is done.

My kids just shouted down the stairs at me.  They’ve decided to give both cats a bubble bath.  I um… think I need to go!

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  1. I definitely understand exactly what you are saying. This marks yet another week where my children will not attend school for the full 5 days (we had snow yesterday, too). The last week they went 5 full days was the week of December 13th. I cannot think either. I feel your pain.-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Kids Are Exhausting And Make My Head HurtMy Profile

  2. Oh, not having time to log onto Pinterest IS serious. My boys would gladly trade a few snow days with your kids, I think. My oldest and I were just discussing how strange our weather has been this winter last night. We’ve been lucky to just get the cold, dry air here so far. I’ve done the massive snow days in a row thing though and I know how trying that can be. Hang in there!
    Jean recently posted..What’s Going On WednesdayMy Profile

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