What’s on YOUR phone?

This is one of those “I have no idea what to title it but it’s funny” stories.  I settled for “what’s on your phone” but it could have just as easily been “name that tune” or “stories that my husband hopes don’t get read by his coworkers” or even “I finally got revenge for driving the mom-wagon for years.”

Yesterday, I spotted this post on Cluttered Genius about the first random song that comes up on your iPhone when you it shuffle.  The song that popped up for her was Love Shack and she has a GREAT story about why the song was on her phone.

She was participating in Mama Kat’s pretty much world famous blogging challenge, so you may have seen similar posts.  If you’re ever stuck for a writing topic, Mama Kat has you covered.


whats on your phone

What’s on MY phone?

Um.  The first song that popped up was the multiplication tables.  It was the “threes family” if you must know.

Clearly, my kids and I have been working on their multiplication facts as we run errands because I’m such an amazing and awesome mom. (Not really.  I had forgotten it was on there.  My kids HATED the voices and refused to listen.  They delighted in giving WRONG answers to the prompts.)

The first actual song was Criminal by Fionna Apple.  I’m listening as I type.

There’s no great story behind the Fionna Apple song.  I have over 3000 songs on my phone.  I have no idea how most of them ended up in my collection.

The whole thing reminded me of my husband’s recent phone challenge.

He has exactly TWO songs on his iPhone.  (Unlike me.  I have as many as will fit.  I’m obsessed.)  The only reason either of those are on there are because he can’t figure out how to delete them without actually syncing his phone to a computer.

What’s on HIS phone?

He’s at the point of wanting to walk into the Apple store and ask for help.

Remember that one song my husband knows all the lyrics to?

The songs on his phone are the first two that downloaded from the iCloud automatically.  In alphabetical order.

Song Number One is….

Because of the idiosyncrasies of blue tooth car audio, it plays EVERY SINGLE TIME he gets in my car.  My kids act like they are dying every time it happens.

Forth grade boys are too cool for that song.

Song Number Two is…

Still shameful for my boys, but not nearly as bad.  When they were in preschool, I actually encouraged my boys to like Choo Choo Soul (over say… Dora) because it at least let me pretend to be a hip and cool mom who wasn’t slowly turning into her worst nightmare.


(Just so you know, Fionna finished and my phone generously shuffled it over to a Beatles tune.)

Hubby and I spent a full five minutes debating what would be the most humiliating part of the trip to the Apple store.  Would it be (a) my husband asking for help (b) mr pc being inside an actual apple store or (c.) the music in question.

We decided on (d) all of the above.

music is a higher elevation

(Oh cool.  What with editing everything, my Phone had time to switch to TobyMac.  Nice.)

If you ever meet my husband, ask him to hit “shuffle” on his iPhone.

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  1. Your poor husband!

    My husband had a phone issue, too – but with MY phone. I used to have a cat meowing ring tone on my phone. I couldn’t hear anything else. Nothing’s wrong with my hearing – I just hyper focus and don’t hear normal ring tones. So I used the kitty cat meowing and it embarrassed the heck out of him when he was out with me and it rang. I would still have it but I can’t get it on my current phone. Now I have a dog barking.
    Patty recently posted..5 Ways Your Planner Can Help you ACT Instead of ReactMy Profile

  2. That is too funny. I should probably purge my I-tunes of preschool songs, but as a mother of preschoolers I keep justifying my laziness by the fact that my children are preschool age. I just push the skip option every time one of their tunes comes on. I hope you have a lovely day.

  3. I can't tell you the number of times I was able to distract my kids with just the right song when they were younger. I think having kid-friendly songs on your phone is a great idea. I would recommend picking only songs that you like and avoiding the ones that drive you bonkers.

  4. Oh, how fun!! My husband once, unbeknownst to me, recorded himself “singing” THIS IS ROBERT CALLING…THIS IS ROBERT CALLING…PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE…PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE in the most tuneless way possible. Then he made that, again unbeknownst to me, my ringtone for when he called it. The first time it went off, I was in a Morning Report with about 30 other physicians. It was one of the funniest and weirdest moments of my life because it was so unexpected. It was like “what is happening” then “is that my husband’s voice” then “OMG THAT IS MY PHONE” I laughed so hard and turned so red I thought I would die. People LOVED it.
    I kept that ringtone for YEARS and was devastated when that phone broke and it was gone forever. It could never be properly duplicated. –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..Pinterest Nightmare #648: The Human SlingshotMy Profile

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