Resolution 2.0

Last year, I wrote an extended series on goals and New Year’s Resolutions.  While I didn’t finalize my resolutions in time for New Year’s Day, my theory was that the new year didn’t officially begin for me until the kids went back to school.

You can read all about my rationale for delayed resolutions in a post from EXACTLY one year ago today.  Given that I’m in the exact same spot 365 days later… well… sigh.

resolution 2014

Yes.  I made resolutions last year and didn’t keep them.  I pretty much predicted that in a post on failed resolutions.  My favorite quote was

A few years back, I resolved to quit making resolutions.  I think it’s the only resolution I’ve ever kept.

(The irony being that I was in the process of NOT keeping that very resolution.)

i resolve to quit making resolutions

Last year, I agonized over the failures of 2012 and listed out my biggest regrets.   I’m happy to say I haven’t drifted and I actually did manage to host a birthday party upon request.   That’s not to say 2013 didn’t come with it’s own share of regrets, but at least most of them are different.

Some of the small cumulative goals I set for myself actually worked.  It still amazes me that something that sounds so small (like saving $5 a week) adds up to something more significant (that’s $260 a year) over time.

I took DAYS working on goals for 2013 and finally came up with my list.

Then I did a re-set on them halfway through the year. (I still love this post.  I can’t help it.)

My Resolutions for 2013.

  1. I resolve to publish the e-book.  (It didn’t happen, but I know why.)
  2. I resolve to throw my sons real birthday parties.  (Done!!!)
  3. I resolve to do my darndest to make sure the remodel actually gets finished this year and that our home is “guest-worthy.” (While the remodel isn’t totally done, we’ve begun hosting events at the house.  I’m going to call this one DONE.)
  4. I resolve to keep working on the bucket list until I actually have one.  (Don’t have one, decided I didn’t care.)
  5. I resolve to finally figure out what to do with all the crochet hats I make.  (I gave them all away.  It was glorious!)

Furthermore, I resolved to continue…

  1. My weekly coffee and lunch dates with my husband.  (Mostly kept.  Totally worth it.)
  2. My daily pursuit of solitude and time with God.   (Mostly kept.  Totally worth it.)
  3. The slow and steady improvement in our family’s eating habits, fitness levels, and overall health.   (Mostly kept.  Totally worth it.)
  4. My monthly goal setting (and achieving) habit.  (Abandoned partway through the year, much to my regret.)
  5. Reading two new books a month.  (I over-achieved on this one.)
  6. Being the best me I know how to be – as authentically as I can be.  (I think I achieved this, much to this dismay of some people.  Authentic isn’t always easy.)
  7. Drinking more water than wine each day.  (Check.  This was my favorite goal from last year.  I regret not making it into a pin!)
  8. Going to church and participating in our small group.  (Done.)
  9. Laugh more than I cry.  (Done, although this now strikes me as a weird goal.  Huh.)
  10. Being a good friend, good wife, good mom, and good daughter.  (Done to the best of my ability.  I’m not perfect.)

more water than wine

So what does 2014 hold for me?

The nice thing about all the work I did last year is that it’s reusable.  It wasn’t just for setting up goals once.  Much of the thought process from last year is unchanged.

There’s probably some big fancy expert who would tell me “once you clarify your values and purpose you don’t have to do it again.”  I suspect I’ve even read something like that in a book (or two or three).  But it was still a pleasant discovery.

The biggest change from last year is a rather laser like focus on my health and weight.  (Worthy of a separate post to say the least.)

I still want to write a book or two.

I still want to finish the remodel (that deserves a post as well.)

I still want to keep building on the good habits and resolutions of past years.

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  1. Hi Susan, thanks for sharing your insights, tips and great sense of humor! We especially love the drink more water resolution – great image and phrase!

  2. I’m really not on to set New Year Resolutions, I’m more of a Set a Goal When You Should kind of guy. I’ve definitely set the drink more water goal, I feel like I feel a lot better when I do.

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