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Five Minute Friday – Hero

It’s Five Minute Friday!  My favorite writing time of the week.

Last time the word was VISIT.

Today’s writing prompt is… HERO. [Read more…]

Will the jacket thief please stand up?

Here in Houston, we rarely need actual winter coats.  We’re more of a jacket kind of climate.

After school starts, I’m always diligent to inventory the jacket situation for the kids.  I make sure we have several hoodies, some windbreakers, and something polar fleece.  Combined with the mandatory thermal wear for hunting, it’s proven to be enough to keep my kids comfortable in almost any weather condition.

(If it’s below 50 they don’t go outside for recess.  Crazy, but true.)

This year was no exception.  Between the boys, we had a bountiful fourteen jackets in a variety of weights.  That included souvenir sweatshirts from the San Diego Zoo and Yellowstone National Park.  It included North Face all weather jackets.  It included some brand new thermal hoodies in camo.

This morning, I’m down to one all weather jacket and one oversized hand-me-down acrylic sweater.

[Read more…]

and today’s post is…

Today’s post is late.

It should have been written last Friday and scheduled.  But last Friday the city of Houston shut down and closed because it dropped below freezing.  There was a prediction of frozen rain.  We Houstonians don’t know how to drive on ice.

Since it wasn’t written last Friday, it probably should have been written this weekend.  But this weekend the weather was glorious.  The afternoons were warm and sunny.  I spent time watching my kids play in the yard and chatting with a neighbor instead.

Since it wasn’t written over the weekend, it should have been written yesterday.  (along with um… yesterday’s post.  oops.)  But we had this crazy weather thing going and I knew the kids would be out of school again today.  I had a bunch of errands, lunch with a girlfriend, gym time.  It just got crazy busy and there wasn’t a second to think.

Since it wasn’t written yesterday, it should have been written this morning.  But Houston is closed again.  There’s probably ten whole snow flakes on my car.   There is a single icicle on my rose bush that’s a whole quarter inch long.  My husband offered to work from home and keep the kids this morning while I went to the gym.  I don’t think he’d even finished the offer before I was putting on my gym shoes.  Let’s just say it was my longest workout ever. [Read more…]

Five Minute Friday – Visit

It’s Five Minute Friday!  My favorite writing time of the week.

Last time the word was ENCOURAGEMENT.  I didn’t know it at the time, but the word set the theme for my entire weekend.  I love it when God whispers to me.

Today’s writing prompt is… VISIT. [Read more…]

Road trip – final thoughts

As I’ve been sharing over the past few days, my fourth grade son and I went on a road trip this past weekend.  In the process, I made an amazing discovery.

It was just the two of us.  My husband and younger son stayed home.

(Much to my dismay, they hung dead animals on the wall.  Sigh.  Taxidermy.  I’m already working on crocheting a hot pink hat to put on the deer head.)

Up until this weekend, I would have described my oldest son as goofy, geeky, easily distracted, smart, funny, sensitive, energetic, intelligent, creative, and slightly nerdy.

This weekend, I added a new word.

[Read more…]

Road trips and Ranch Dressing

Let me start by saying that road trips and ranch dressing don’t mix.

That’s the punch line, but you have to hear the whole story to know just why it’s funny.

This past weekend, my older son and I took a road trip across Texas.   Armed with a camera and a bag of healthy snacks, the plan was for the two of us to take a bunch of photos for his fourth grade school project on Texas history.

There were a lot of little things that went wrong, but we had a great time anyway. [Read more…]

Hotel Horror Story (dishes)

The irony is that I’m writing this hotel horror story FROM a hotel room.

My oldest son and I are on a road trip for his fourth grade Texas history project.  Our goal is to take a bunch of photos for his project and collect a few essay worthy experiences along the way.  

Thanks to priceline, we’re staying at a VERY nice hotel.  Even so, I woke up before dark remembering all the reasons I’ve come to dread staying at a hotel.

During our long drawn out remodel, we stayed in several extended stay hotels.

My very worst memory isn’t the time the hotel water was turned off and I was sent to a “vacant” room in another building only to find a strange man finishing up his shower.  It’s not the one that involves finding strange panties in the dryer with my sons’ school uniforms.  It’s not even the one where the people upstairs had a “domestic disagreement” at 1am.

(Those are all real stories.)

It’s a memory that makes me sick. [Read more…]

Five Minute Friday – Encouragement

It’s Five Minute Friday!  My favorite writing time of the week.

Last time the word was SEE.

Today’s writing prompt is… ENCOURAGEMENT. [Read more…]

Need More Time? Quit Doing These Five Things

As I shared Monday, we all have the exact same amount of time each week.  As I’ve struggled to add hours of rehab time for my knee to an already full weekly calendar, I’ve frequently felt like I just need more time.

I can’t get it all done.

(The really comforting thing?  No one else can either.  NONE of us get it ALL done.  Some people are just better at getting the visible stuff done.) [Read more…]

When kids start cussing

Apparently, all of parenting skills are focused around cussing these days.

As soon as had I dealt with the…um…”butterfly” incident with my older son, my younger son started in about the um… well… the word that starts with “f.”

My precious sweet little innocent cherubic son looks up at me and says “I know the very worst word in the whole world.” [Read more…]

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