The only song my husband knows all the lyrics to

When my husband and I got married, found my ability to remember song lyrics a little surprising.  I think he might have called it freakish.

We got married over a Thanksgiving weekend after dating a mere ten months.  Y’all, we were still on our honeymoon when my husband discovered my “freakish” ability to remember all the words to Christmas Carols.

Me? I can remember the names of all the reindeer.  I can remember all twelve days of gifts.  I can belt out the second verse of Silent Night.

My husband?

He makes up a few reindeer names and mumbles the rest.  It only goes downhill from there.  Check out how he mangles the 12 days of Christmas.

song lyrics my husband actually knows

Mangled Lyrics for the 12 days of Christmas

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my True Love Gave to Me

12 Drummers Drumming

11 Singers Singing

10 Pretty Ladies

9 Guys in Sweaters

8 Plates of Cookies

7 Cats and Dogs

6 Chickens and Eggs

5 Golden Things

4 More Birds

3 More Birds

2 More Birds

And a partridge in a pear tree….

That came AFTER I’d sung the previous eleven verses (correctly) and challenged him to finish the song.  I don’t get it.

how we really sing the 12 days of christmas

He does it with nursery rhymes too.

When our first child was born, my husband was amazed that I actually knew and remembered the lyrics to every single nursery rhyme he could think of.  I could even sing some he’d never heard of.

He couldn’t even remember the lyrics to Baa Baa Black Sheep!

Baa baa  black sheep

Please give me some wool

If you could knit it up

That would be so cool…

For months,  I sang every nursery rhyme imaginable to our small son.  NONE of it stuck with my husband.  He continued to mumble along and mangle the lyrics.

Then I finally discovered a song he knew.

song lyrics my husband actually knows

One day I sat in astonishment and listened as my husband sang an entire song without mangling a single word.

I was about to congratulate him until it dawned on me how amazingly silly that would be.

Sing along – I’m sure you know the words to this one too.






W Z Y and Z

Yes. I got excited because my husband could sing the alphabet song.

Sad. But true.


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  1. You’re a mess. I think this is rather a cute trait about your husband. 🙂 He must use his memory for more important things. 😉
    Crystal Green recently posted..Renaissance Man Book ReviewMy Profile

    • You’re just now figuring out that I’m a mess? 🙂

      I didn’t say I thought less of my hubby for not remembering all the lyrics. I sometimes wish I didn’t – it’s really annoying to wake up at 2am with the 3rd verse to Amazing Grace in my head (true story, no clue why). It was just that perfect moment where he started singing and in my head I went “oh wow, he knows the words to this song… oh wait… it’s… the alphabet.”

  2. My hubby has a good memory for song lyrics, but my Dad loves butchering lyrics to songs. My dad thinks his lyrics are much better than the original song writers in most cases. I can say that his lyrics are certainly interesting.
    Jolene recently posted..Five Minute Friday ReflectMy Profile

    • Jolene, given that I reworked the “Night Before Christmas” poem a few posts back, I’m clearly in favor of re-writing lyrics when needed. I do it all the time because I play with words and phrases constantly. My husband does it because he can’t remember the original words. Between the two of us, it’s a wonder my kids know the actually lyrics to anything.

      As I type this, the kids are tweaking “Go Tell it On the Mountain” to include cats. Apparently it’s genetic.

  3. I cannot stop laughing!! His ending to The Twelve Day of Christmas is HYSTERICAL!! Bwahahaha. His nursery rhymes make more sense than the originals! I’ll give him that! FANTASTIC post!! Bwahahahahaha!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..We Do Want THIS “Cole” in Our StockingMy Profile

  4. Not to be a stickler but the only word in the Alphabet song is “and”. But you are right, it’s still a great accomplishment to remember the entire song. 😉
    Mo recently posted..Partners In A Pair Tree – Day NineMy Profile

    • I would argue that “A” and “I” are also words under your strict definition. I suspect that the more poetic “O” could also qualify. Our Spanish speaking friends would want to add “y” and modern texting types would include y u b & n – potentially even more. But, why quibble. 🙂

  5. I have often wished for that part of my brain that stores song lyrics to use for other purposes, like remembering names, and why I came into this room. Maybe your husband has tapped this power!

  6. Really nursery rhymes make more sense than the originals… i love the nursery rhymes more than songs…

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