‘Twas just before Christmas

I can’t believe it’s less than three weeks until Christmas!  Instead of doing the boring stuff on my to-do list I wrote this instead.

tiny gift

‘Twas just before Christmas and all through the place

Not a present was wrapped, it was a disgrace.

The stockings were stacked right next to the tree,

With high hopes of finishing decoratively.

a christmas poem

The children were struggling in school at their desks,

While visions of presents were what they thought best.

And mamma with her coffee and her phone in her lap.

Had just settled down to for a long morning nap.

tiny gift

When out on the street there arose such a clatter,

She sprung from the couch to see what was the matter.

Away to the front door, she peeked out to see

The Amazon man making a delivery!

tiny gift

The truck was so full of goodies galore

It looked like she ordered an entire store.

When, what to her wondering eyes did appear

But a second truck, bringing up the rear.

tiny gift

The driver was handsome, dressed in white with a shine,

She knew it a moment it must be cleaning time!

With vacuum and mop and bucket and broom,

He smiled as he worked to clean every room.

tiny gift

Now Swiffer! Now, Pledge, Now, Tide and Shout!

On Comet! On Febreeze! On Windex and Stain Out!

To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall!

Now clean it up! Clean it up! Clean it up all!

tiny gift

As dirty socks that before a cleaning spree fly,

When they meet up with momma wrath, mounting to the sky.

So the whole house was cleaned right down to the cracks.

With the man in the maid truck, and his helpful friend Jack.

tiny gift

And then, in a twinkling, momma heard a new car

And the jingling of bells, as if from afar.

She popped out her door and looked out to see

Her favorite friend with cream and coffee.

tiny gift

She was dressed in her sweat pants, from her head to her toe.

And her clothes were for working, not just for a show.

A bundle of bags she held under her arms.

Some tape and some ribbons, and decorative charms.

tiny gift

Her eyes how they twinkled, her hair rocked a pony!

She smiled and she said “you sounded quite lonely –

I decided to drop in, I didn’t ask first.

Of our two houses, mine’s probably the worst.”

tiny gift

It wasn’t too long ’til the two friends agreed

They wrapped all the presents for under the tree!

The hung up the stockings and made them look right.

They got the whole place ready for Christmas Eve Night.

tiny gift

They finished by baking a holiday treat.

And they filled up the crockpot with something to eat.

With a smile on their face they jumped into their cars

They finished both houses – the drive wasn’t far.

tiny gift

Both homes soon were finished but barely in time!

When the school bell rang, it was almost a chime.

Two moms were chatting with coffee with cream.

When the kids all came home, it was if to a dream.

tiny gift

“Wow what’s all this mom” they said with a smile.

“You’ve worked quite hard, this took quite a while!”

They squealed with excitement, with joy and delight.

They were quite calm and did NOT even fight.

tiny gift

Then the doorbell rang, and the mom woke with a start.

Her house was still cluttered, her vision grew dark.

As she signed for the package she started to scream

“I can’t believe it was all just a dream.”

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my christmas poem

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  1. HA!!! This is great! You are a gifted poet. Loved the spin on an old fav. I did something similar for Thanksgiving with a shout-out to all my fav bloggers. I think I like yours a lot more 🙂
    Allie recently posted..How To Survive the Elements & 20% Off…My Profile

  2. Love it!

    I wish you had mentioned Christmas was only 3 weeks away, though. I haven’t even started.
    Patty recently posted..10 Miscellaneous Planner TipsMy Profile

    • Patty, anyone who is remodeling gets a complete and total pass on the holidays. Decorations are AGAINST THE RULES! All adults living in the house get building supplies for gifts. You should be allowed to have dinner at someone else’s house (or else have friends “cater” the meal for you). You know we were out of our home for 10 months while we gutted and remodeled. My youngest started his first day of Kinder from the RV. I speak with the voice of experience… NO ONE expects you to have all the Christmas decorations up.

  3. Bummer! Just a dream? Here I thought you had your own neighborhood elf!
    Mo recently posted..The Mall of MomMy Profile

  4. {Melinda} Your usual wit and genius, Susan, done with a Christmas twist. 🙂 I was beginning to get rather jealous until I hit the end!

  5. Sailaja Kasukurthi says:

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