What ELSE is on a Blogger’s Christmas Wish List

I’m continuing to share Christmas wish list ideas for your favorite writer or blogger.  Part one of this two part post included all the different free (or almost free) ways that you could encourage a blogger. It was based on the premise that bloggers LOVE encouragement.

Guess what else writers love.


We’re just like normal people, only slightly more obsessed with words and social media.

What a writer wants for Christmas a blogger christmas wish list

Even though your favorite blogging relative loves encouragement 365 days a year, they want something REAL to unwrap Christmas morning.

(psst…. like I talked about in part one… I make money from my Amazon links.  I’ve embedded several in this post.)

 We write words.

Even though I do most of my serious writing on a laptop computer, I still need to write things down the old fashioned way with actual paper and ink. My favorite low tech writing tools:

fineliner pens by Staedtler are my favorite pens ever

Staedtler Porous Point Pen – These are triangular shaped so they don’t roll off.  They write on anything and do NOT bleed through the paper.  These are the pens I hide from my children.

CIRCA disc bound planning system like ARC planner

Levenger Circa Simply Irresistible Sampling Kit – The kit costs $40 and comes with a $40 gift card to Levenger.  This is amazing paper and the disc-bound writing system rocks.  Getting it for (virtually) FREE rocks even more.

We read words.

Bloggers are Writers.  We love words.  When we aren’t writing, sometimes you can find us reading.  Some of my favorite business type books:

eat that frog

Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time – This is MY current favorite book on time management.  Trust me, bloggers struggle with this topic.

blog for profit

How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) -I loved this all the more when I realized it was written by one of MY favorite bloggers.  (My purchase of the book paid for itself within days.  Just saying.)

We like gadgets and technology.

Most bloggers have a serious love affair with their smart phones and all things wifi.

mophie power station usb charger for phones

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation For iPhone, iPod, iPad – Red and Silver – Want to see a blogger panic?  Watch what they do when they have 5% battery left on their cell phone.  Mophie makes power stations for every digital device you can imagine, but this is the one I have.  Why? Because it’s red and shiny.  (And because it is the rapid charge version that holds more power.  Worth it!)

How does it work?  You charge it for a few hours (either from the wall or your laptop) using the included cable.  Then you stick it in your bag or pocket.  It has a standard USB port that will allow you to charge your device.  Mine holds enough power to repeatedly re-charge my phone over a long weekend.

We drink coffee.

green mountain kcup coffee for kuerig caramel vanilla cream

Green Mountain Coffee Caramel Vanilla Cream, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count – Most bloggers run on caffeine.  This is my favorite kind.  For preference, I drink mine with a splash of maple syrup and lots of milk.

We like expensive stuff.

Obviously, if your budget allows, your blogger would love a bigger gift.

You can NOT go wrong with a brand new laptop, tablet, or camera.  (Particularly true if your blogger has left the Best Buy catalog lying around with something circled in it.  Seriously, just ask them. They know EXACTLY what they want.)

You will thrill them with tickets, airfare, and spending money for an upcoming blogging conference.  (If they can tell you the date and location of an upcoming conference, they WANT to go.)

a writers christmas wishlist

We like stuff you haven’t heard of.

They would LOVE a year of pre-paid hosting for their blog. Or a paid upgrade for PicMonkey.  Or a Content Brew Class.  Or a paid Hootsuite account.

Trust me on this.

There is something blog related that they WANT that costs money.  They feel too guilty about buying it for themselves, but would LOVE it as a gift.  (Unless they’re making tons of money blogging… in that case just give them more coffee.)

More than anything else, being given a blog related gift tells your blogger that you see their efforts as something legitimate and real. It communicates that you believe in them and that you see value in their blogging efforts.

If you want more ideas, you might try checking out their blog or Pinterest board.  I’m quite certain they’ve dropped a not-so-subtile hint about what they really really want for Christmas.  (cough…  writing retreat.  cough cough… blogging conference… cough… do i need to spell it out in all caps? really?)

But you can also make me smile by following me on Facebook.

Clicking on Circa photo below should take you directly to Amazon using my link.  You will be able to order a $40 Levenger Circa Sampler that includes a $40 gift card to Levenger.  That makes it free.

circa discbound planner sampler for free

christmas page

 Love my Christmas posts? You can find them all on the Christmas Page!

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  1. I think I need those pens. 🙂 I’d have to put some sort of alarm system on them though because my girls are ALWAYS taking my pens.

    The other thing that I’ve been thinking about putting on my Christmas list is this bluetooth keyboard for my tablet (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0054L8N7M/). I don’t want a case with one because I don’t always use it, but it would be nice to pull out and actually be able to write something on my tablet when I’m sitting and waiting in a car line.
    Carla recently posted..Discerning the Presence of the Holy SpiritMy Profile

  2. Carla, you’ll LOVE those pens. I’m obsessed with them. 🙂

    You’re right! A bluetooth keyboard is an excellent gift for a blogger. I actually have one that I keep in the car. Mine is solar powered so I never have to remember to charge it. I’ve had it almost a year and it has been abused beyond description. I throw it in a bag and toss my laptop on top of it when we travel. Here’s the #aff link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007VL8Y2C/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B007VL8Y2C&linkCode=as2&tag=this0f7-20
    Susan Baker recently posted..What ELSE is on a Blogger’s Christmas Wish ListMy Profile

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