Best Christmas Song Ever???

So… it’s time for Christmas Songs.  They’re all over the place.

If you’re like me, your kids are singing snatches of whatever it is they are working on for their “winter concert” or Christmas performance.  Since my kids go to a private school, we actually get to call it a Christmas concert instead of just a “collection of songs about snow and stuff.”

My second grader gave me a sneak peak at his song.  My husband and I had tears rolling down our cheeks partway through the performance.  Apparently, the 2nd and 3rd grades will be singing together.

I had him sing it to me a second time as I typed.


… y’all…

… I can’t.the best Christmas song ever

The Christmas Song

(according to my son)

While shepherds watched their flocks at night…

Seated on the the ground

Smelly shepherds,

Smelly shepherds.

(Wait. What? That’s not how the song goes! I know this one.

“While shepherds watched their flocks by night,
All seated on the ground,
The angel of the Lord came down,
And glory shone around,
And glory shone around.”)

While shephards watched their flocks at night…

Seated with the sheep

3rd grade sings.

3rd grade sings…

(3rd grade sings… 3rd grade sings… O. M. W.  I’m dying)

While shephards watched their flocks at night…

An angel brought good news

Willy nily

Willy nily

(Must keep it together.  Can’t laugh out loud.)

While shepherds watched their flocks at night

La la la la la.

3rd grade sings

3rd grade sings

(Lalalalala?  Is that part of the song? Or is that just the part my son can’t remember? I don’t even KNOW.)

They sang

Gloooooria.. Glorrria… gloria… in egg shell seas day o

(Saw that one coming.  I know it’s not egg shells. But I remember singing the exact same thing.)

While shephards watched their flocks at night…

They found hay bales,

Prickly hay bales

Prickly hay bales

(The hand motions.  O. M. W.  He grabs he hind end and rubs it like the hay hurt to sit on.  Are you kidding me!!!)

While shephards watched their flocks at night…

La la lal la la la

3rd grade sings

3rd grade sings

(Still not sure about the lalala part.)

Na na na na na…

And some sheep join us in this song

They sang

Baa baa baa baa baaaaaa ba baba

Baaaaaaa ba ba baba

Baaaaaaaaa bababa ba bum bum

In egg shell sheep day ay o.

(Totally know that the nananna isn’t part of the song. Given that the baa baa baa was the loudest part, I know that’s his favorite part of the song.  And… In egg shell SHEEP day o?  Pure genius.)

That’s when the fourth grader pipes up.  At the very end of the song he joins in…

What did the sheep say?

Baa ba ba bababababaaaaa

Baa ba ba bababababaaaaa.

And from there they went through every character in the entire Christmas story.

Now it’s stuck in your head too, isn’t it.

best chirstmas song ever

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  1. Too funny! I needed a laugh this morning. 🙂 My kids are younger so they are just singing the line “Jingle Bells Jingle Bell Jingle All The Way” over and over again. 🙂
    Jolene recently posted..Reflections on ThanksgivingMy Profile

    • My 2nd grader STILL sings Jingle Bells at random times. We call it the “happy meter” because he sings it when he is happy. The faster the song, the happier the boy.

      I normally DREAD the Christmas concerts but this year I’m looking forward to it just so I can find out if the lyrics really include “3rd grade sings” and “lalalala” Giggle.

  2. Any chance that you are going to video tape this epic performance and share it with your fans? In egg shell seas day o – yep, I remember saying that too.
    Mo recently posted..Looking for Gifts At The San Diego Wine And Food FestivalMy Profile

    • Hmmmm… I doubt I can get that close. It’s a BIG auditorium and as a slacker mom I know I won’t make the front five rows. But if I capture anything good on video I’ll let you know.

  3. Oh my word this is SO FUNNY! I can totally relate to having to remind yourself to be an adult and keep it together. That is bound to be a classic!

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  5. Hi Susan! Can we have the video part of it?? Extremely Funny

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