Overheard in passing – my family is weird

So… over the past week I’ve had a LOT of extra time with my kids.  As a results, I’ve overheard a LOT of funny stuff that cracked me up.  I’ve also determined that my family may be a little weird.  Strike that.  My family IS weird.  Definitely weird.

I like grappling hooks.  They take you places.

Some of what my kids say is just truly random.  It comes out of the blue and there is no context in which the statement makes sense.  Like when they’re playing soccer in the front yard and just randomly blurt out some statement about grappling hooks.

my family is weird

At other times, their words are part of a bigger story.  In those cases, I can normally press the “mental rewind” button and figure out what was said right before the weird funny line.

Wouldn’t it be cool if remote controls worked on people?

Even in context, those kind of statements make me smile.  They leave me scrambling for a notebook so I can jot down the story so that I can tell it again.

At still other times, the statement really doesn’t even NEED context.  It tells a story all on its own, no context needed.  They just demand to be Tweeted or used as a Facebook status update (or in the olden days, they would belong on a t-shirt or bumper sticker).

My husband is supervising my son as he vacuums out the washing machine.  I’m not asking for details.

My family says weird stuff.  I know my kids better than anyone else and sometimes they seem a little strange even to me.  It makes me wonder if other people’s kids say stuff like mine do.  That would make me feel NORMAL to know that everyone else says the same kind of stuff.

My family is weird.

If other people don’t say stuff like my family does, then I wonder how weird we must look from the outside.  I imagine our neighbors shaking their heads as the pass our home as they try to fathom the snatches of conversation that spill from our yard.

No mom, I don’t need pants.  I’m superman today.

I imagine how the strangers at the next table must talk about us after they leave the restaurant.  I wonder how they react to my children and the out-of-control conversations we have as a family.

Hey Dad, did you know that imaginary numbers are REAL?  Doesn’t that strike you as ironic?

And then I realize I don’t care.  I love my family and the crazy things we say.  Even if other families don’t act this way, this is what works for us.  I love being in a family where I fit in.  I adore that I can sing crazy made up songs to my kids and husband and not have them checking to see if I’ve been drinking.

(To the tune of Rudolph, with apologies.)

I am a  sleepy mommy with a very chilly nose

I really need a blankie and some sock for my toes.

Please bring me some water, turn out the light as you goes.

Mommy is feeling nappish.  As if you didn’t know.

In an hour when I wake, I’ll still love you true.

But until this nap I take,  I’ll stay away from you!!!

After my nap is finished, I’m feeling all brand new.

But with a little coffee, I’ll make another song for you.

See?  Definitely. Not. Normal.

the Christmas nap song

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  1. I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only one with a weird family! There is nothing more wonderful than being able to be your own wacky self amid the safety and security of your family’s love. Love the napping song -well done!
    Mo at Mocadeaux recently posted..Partners in a Pair Tree – Day OneMy Profile

  2. I love your song! Yes my kids quirks make me laugh every day. Especially the things my four year daughter old says to my two year son, and also the way that he will look at her like she lost her mind. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!
    Jolene recently posted..Reflections on ThanksgivingMy Profile

    • I make up stuff like that song all the time at home. It’s just part of the pattern of our day. I’ve vowed to start writing some of it down to share. 🙂

      My kids are always cracking me up with the randomly odd things. I’ll miss it when they stop being so quirky.

  3. This is really funny and awesome post. Liked it a lot.

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