MOMtor Monday! I’m a hostess with the mostest!

It’s my MOMtor Monday at Mothering From Scratch.  In honor of the holiday season, I’m dishing up some words on finding your sweet spot as a hostess.

How to hostess with spirit, not stress.

Confession time:

stressless hostess

I wrote this post last Tuesday morning in the MIDDLE of freaking out over being a hostess.  We were scheduled to host men’s group at our home and we just weren’t quite company ready.  Recovering from knee surgery left me a bit “cleaning challenged” the past few weeks.  Between the giant dust bunnies and the clutter counters… well… you know the drill.

Sometimes, God uses my blog to teach ME.   This was one of THOSE posts.  (Go read it, you’ll see what I mean.)

Last Tuesday, I had to take a deep breath and just let it go.  (Remember, “It’s not worth it.”)

I had to remember that those men were here to spend time with each other.  There were the very LAST group of people I needed to worry about impressing.  Being worried about impressing a group of men OTHER than my husband just seems wrong somehow and God was very quick to help me see that.

Given that my husband has been the one doing most of the cooking and cleaning over the past month, the house was more a reflection on HIM than me.  If he wasn’t worried about how the house looked to HIS friends then it was not worth re-injuring my knee over.

I really did let it go.  I did what I could (not much) and quit fussing about the rest.

About an hour later, my husband called to tell me he’d gotten the schedule messed up and that we would NOT be having guests.

They will be here THIS week instead.

The house isn’t any cleaner.  The kids are out of school.

And I’m not the least bit worried.

As they continued their travel, Jesus entered a village. A woman by the name of Martha welcomed him and made him feel quite at home. She had a sister, Mary, who sat before the Master, hanging on every word he said. But Martha was pulled away by all she had to do in the kitchen. Later, she stepped in, interrupting them. “Master, don’t you care that my sister has abandoned the kitchen to me? Tell her to lend me a hand.”

The Master said, “Martha, dear Martha, you’re fussing far too much and getting yourself worked up over nothing. One thing only is essential, and Mary has chosen it—it’s the main course, and won’t be taken from her.”  ~Luke 10:38-42 The Message (emphasis mine)

Don’t let yourself get worked up over nothing.

mary not martha

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  1. It sounds like God’s working on you alright through this journey. It’s such a humbling experience when you’re literally knocked on your tail end with no idea of when you get to get off of it. You start to see the world around you in a totally different light. My accident in 2006 changed my life 100%, and I’ll never be the same after it!

    Glad to hear you’re choosing to be like Mary and not the Martha. (Right now, I don’t have to many nice things to say about her.)
    Crystal Green recently posted..Redeeming Love Book ReviewMy Profile

  2. We don’t fold clothes on the bed anymore for this same reason. Now they are folded on the couch. If you want to watch TV – go to another room!

    • Kim, I’m guessing you saw the photo of my laundry covered bed in the 30 messiest houses piece. 🙂

      When I saw Anna’s comments about not doing that to her bed I went “oh yeah… I probably shouldn’t do that…” and changed my ways. I sort into laundry baskets and a bunch of Large Utility Totes from 31 now. It’s still bad, but at least I can move the laundry around when I want to sit down. 🙂
      Susan Baker recently posted..MOMtor Monday! I’m a hostess with the mostest!My Profile

      • Yes, no judging here – ever.

        Of all the chores, laundry is my worst!

        • Laundry… ugh! Right before knee surgery I had it all washed and MOST of it put away. I just couldn’t manage to stand and sway long enough to get the rest of it done. Now… ugh. My 2nd grader took over doing the laundry. He can wash and dry, but then he just tosses it onto the clean pile. I’m at the point of either wading in and sorting it having to buy new clothes. Sadly, I’m at the same critical point with every other part of my house right now.

  3. If I was you, and my husband’s cook and cleaning are better than me, I’d ask him to do it 🙂 We should provide the best of everything right? At least, we can lend a hand for the cleaning before they come and let him for his expertise…
    meisha recently posted..Why Protein is so needed to be Included into Your Diet?My Profile

  4. I love to clean my house, it calms my nerves. I do need to de clutter more, but my bathroom is always clean, my kitchen is clean; floors are sweeped and mopped. I tend to be a little ocd but it works for me.

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