A Christmas Wish List for Bloggers

Yep, a Christmas wish list post.

This post is NOT shameless self promotion.  It has nothing to do with my recent declaration that I’m not as popular as I want to be.  Nope.  This isn’t about me at all.

(Although it IS an effort to be helpful and solve problems.  I’m at least TRYING to solve problems on my blog this week.)

This is a helpful list.  I’ve got a few suggestions for what you can give your favorite blogger (who isn’t me) for Christmas.

(psst… bloggy friends.  you can share my post if you’re too shy to ask for these things for yourself.  i’m helpful that way.)

blogger christmas wish list

Over the past few months, I’ve had several friends approach me with questions about this whole “blogging thing” I do.  In each case, my friend had a distant relative who started blogging and the family found it a bit puzzling.

It seems that no one is sure how to react to a new blogger.  Either (a) they’ve just been infected with a terrible disease that might spread or (b) they’ve just discovered their true calling in life.

After listening to their concerns, I gently reassure my friends that for most people, blogging is not fatal.

Lately, they’ve been asking a much more interesting question.

So my cousin, the one that blogs, what should I give them for Christmas?

This is such an awesome question.  It shows that my friend has decided that blogging is NOT some kind of infectious disease and is willing to encourage a blogger in their chosen passion.

Give a blogger encouragement.

That’s it.  Plain and simple.

Encouragement comes in many forms. Pick what feels most comfortable for you.  You aren’t limited to just one selection (more is better). You aren’t limited to just Christmas.

The truth is that we bloggers thrive on encouragement 365 days a year.

Follow them.

  • Follow their blog via RSS or Email.
  • “Like” them on Facebook and then LIKE their posts.  Comment on their posts.  Share their stuff.
  • “Plus” them on Google+ (or whatever it is that you do, I don’t get it.)
  • If you are on Twitter, follow them retweet them from time to time or even tweet out their posts.
  • Follow them on Pinterest.  Pin or re-pin a blog post that you like.
  • Comment on their blog posts.
  • Subscribe to their newsletter.

Click on their links.

If a blogger has taken time to set up advertising, take time to click.

(Note: this is NOT a request to randomly click on my Google ads just to drive up my click rate.  Google doesn’t like that.)

Here’s the deal:  Blogging costs money.  It may not be a huge amount, but it is rarely free. I have yet to meet a newbie blogger that wouldn’t at LEAST like to cover the cost of their blog.

I covered the first few months of my blog when a reader clicked on my Amazon banner and then ordered about $500 worth of dog food.  I have no idea what they did with that much dog food (I can still picture the very confused delivery truck driver).  I just know that I made 4% of the purchase.  (That’s a whopping $20. It was enough to buy CommentLuv premium.)

The day after I started using Google ads, someone clicked on the cell phone ad.  I made $1.40 for the click.  I’d like to thank that person for fueling my Diet Coke addiction.

Buy their ebook.

If your favorite blogger has taken time to write an ebook, it wasn’t just as a hobby.

They may not admit it to your face, but they really really really really really want to make some money.

They also really really really want to be seen as a writer… preferably a famous one that gets to have a leather-bound edition of their books.

(They quite probably can tell you what their sales rank is on Amazon without looking it up.)

Since I haven’t published an ebook yet, I can say this without it sounding like self-promotion or begging.  But because I plan to, I’ve done a little research.  I’ll spare you the details.

If they have listed an ebook on Amazon, they can make money when the book is downloaded.  EVEN when the book is on sale for FREE. EVEN when you borrow the book using Amazon Prime.  Beyond the money thing, it drives up their sales rank.

After you read the book, leave a nice review.  It doesn’t have to be a glowing five paragraph essay.  Just give it 4 or 5 stars and leave a generic “nice book” comment.  (If the book is so bad that you can’t in good conscience give it a decent review then you can skip this step.)

 (Please do NOT leave a comment that reads “This is Sally’s aunt.  I’m so proud of her first book!”  That totally ruins it.)

Comments give a book credibility. I always get a little wiggy about purchasing something that has ZERO reviews.

what to give a blogger for Christmas

Bloggers love encouragement.

We thrive on it.

Even though I’m feeling fairly popular and secure today, I’d still love to be encouraged by you.

(yes, that last bit was shameless self promotion.)

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  1. Love this list! The first thing that came to my mind was TIME to actually write but I guess that is more what I’d tell my immediate family.
    Jean recently posted..Saturday Success Stories, November 23My Profile

    • Oh… that’s in tomorrow’s post. 🙂 Not only do I want time every single day, I want a writer retreat! I suspect I’m about to start pinning fantasy retreat locations just in case my husband wins the lottery.

  2. You know I’m encouraging you as much as possible. I actually just took this post and included it in my Blogging Gift Suggestions #GiftReadyGuide post because it fit perfectly with my number 1 gift suggestion.

    I think many people who are NOT bloggers do not realize just how valuable everything you stated in this blog post is for our success. So, I’m glad you wrote this post. Thank you as a fellow blogger who needs encouragement as a gift.
    Crystal Green recently posted..Blogging #GiftReadyGuide Suggestions for 2013My Profile

    • Honestly, I felt left out because I wasn’t sharing a gift guide. 🙂

      You’re right. Non-bloggers don’t realize how important it is that they do these things. It can make a HUGE difference in whether or not a talented blogger continues past the first few months.

      I have a Facebook friend who periodically shares her Amazon associate link as her FB update. No blog post, no link to products. Just her Amazon link with a reminder that she buys diapers with her Amazon money and to please help her out because money is really tight. It puts me in an weird position in so many ways and it ALWAYS ticks me off when she does it. I was griping to one of our mutual friends about it and realized that most people have NO CLUE how bloggers get paid or how weird the whole “buy my diapers” thing was compared to how most bloggers handle things. That was the start of this post.

      I encourage YOU and other bloggers as much as possible too. I get frustrated when I don’t have enough time to wade through my bloglovin’ feed and leave comment love with every single blog.

  3. Yes, I love the thoughts that you shared in this post. I am a relative newbie at blogging; so, I especially aprreciate the encouragement.
    Jolene recently posted..Five Minute Friday FlyMy Profile

    • Jolene, being a newbie at blogging is so hard. It takes time to figure out how to make all the back-end part of blogging work. It takes time to find our voices and trust our words. It takes even longer to develop a community of regular readers! I’ve been blogging for almost 18 months now and I feel like I’m just now figuring it all out.
      Susan Baker recently posted..A Christmas Wish List for BloggersMy Profile

  4. This is such a good idea! I would like all of these for Christmas so I plan on sharing it. This is so true. It really is all I want. 🙂
    AnnMarie recently posted..Crabby MommyMy Profile

  5. AMEN TO THIS!!!!!! BRAVO BRAVO!!! Heck- I would take even ONE of the things you mentioned. I mean how hard is it to even “like” or “share” on fb? I have asked my fb friends several times to just simply “share my post”- two clicks of their time.


    I know you are the same when I say, my blog is my heart. Encourage it.
    Chris Carter recently posted..Thanksgiving: Not Just For The Holidays.My Profile

    • Because we LIVE in the world of social media, I think it’s easy for bloggers to forget that most people really DON’T understand. It’s frustrating for us because it seems sooooooooo easy to press that like button. I have to remember that when my friends don’t whole-heartedly endorse my blog by liking and sharing everything I write it isn’t personal. They still like ME as a person.

      Your blog is amazing. Consider yourself encouraged my friend.

  6. It is funny how non-blogger friends and family members are so skittish about leaving comments. I’ve got a couple who have stepped up to the plate but lots of others who send me a separate email with their comments. I’m thankful that they are reading and supportive but still, it would be nice to have the whole conversation in one place!
    Mo recently posted..5 Ways I Stay Connected With Loved OnesMy Profile

    • I think that’s part of why it’s important to make commenting as easy as possible. Things like Captcha and requiring a bunch of information make it less likely for our friends to leave comments.

  7. Nice blog and you offer a great number of good points here. Keep up doing that and more and more guys will pay attention to your blog.It’s just what I was searching for. I am always interested in this subject. Will bookmark it.
    Ella Rich recently posted..Radiator Repair or Replace | McLean Automotive ServicesMy Profile

  8. Nice blog.You have pointed out more useful thinks.
    Merry Christmas!!!

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