9 Tasty Turkey Trays

As I was looking at my Thanksgiving Pinterest Board last night, I realized I have a slight obsession with turkey trays.

A quick look at my other seasonal boards reveals that it isn’t just turkeys.  If I see a seasonally themed fruit or veggie tray, I pin it.  I guess I’ve never outgrown the desire to play with my food!

9 tasty turkey trays

You know the best part?  I can’t remember making anything like this in the past decade.  But before you write me off as just another Pinterest Poser, you might want to hear my dastardly plan.

I figure if I do the prep work, I can show a picture to my kids and get them to make the turkey tray for me.  If they happen to eat some fruits and veggies in the process, so much the better.  If it fails, then I’d be doing the prep work anyway.

(I’ve been doing this since my kids were small. It really does work! Even when it looks nothing like the original photo, it’s the perfect way to involve kids in cooking during a big family feast.)

I have more than nine ideas pinned to my board, so if you’re looking for more inspiration go peek.  These are the ones that linked back to actual how-to articles that looked like the original content creator.  (If I need to fix or change attributions, please let me know!)

9 tasty turkey trays header

9 tasty turkey trays

  1.  Happy Raw Nation – bell peppers, celery, and broccoli with a vegan dip

  2.  Clean and Scentsible – fruit and pretzel turkey with a chocolate fondue

3. Super Healthy Kids – apples and grapes

4. Brimful Curiosities – carrots, bell peppers, and crackers

5. Living Locurto – cheese and almond turkey

6. Tiaras and Bowties – veggies and cheeseball

7. Not My Own Life – strawberry and orange turkey

8. Meet the Dubiens – complete kid’s lunch (sandwich, cheese, and fruit)

9. Eating with Food Allergies – peppers, cucumbers, and the cutest turkey face.

Not pictured but super cute:

Living Locurto – pickles and olives turkey

Make and Takes – apple turkey craft for kids

Little Nummies – open faced nut butter sandwich

Happy Pinning!

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