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But…. yelling works so well….

I asked my son a simple question.

Do you know why I’m yelling?

His eyes were wide as he stared up into my face and shook his head.


I took a deep breath and sat down beside him. Then I said simply

Because it works.

I’ll bet this happens in your house too.  See if the whole thing sounds like a page from your life. [Read more…]

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Grace Like Candy

It started with a simple question from my second grader.

Mommy, why do they call it Halloween?


[Read more…]

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Yelling with my actions

Today’s post was originally titled “it’s all just yelling” but I ended up liking “yelling with my actions” better.

It paints the perfect picture for a very big concept. [Read more…]

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Pages from my Yelling Journal – Blessings

I’m taking another opportunity to share from my yelling journal.  This time, it’s about blessings and prayer and painful truths.

Sometimes, in the middle of me pointing one finger at my kids, I realize the rest of my fingers are pointing straight at me.  This was one of those.

Here’s what I wrote in my journal. [Read more…]

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22 Resources for Angry Moms from the land of Blog

Before I forget (again) Follow my blog with Bloglovin. 🙂

As part of my 31 day series on Anger, I wanted to provide a quick roundup of other voices from the blog world.  Writing about angry moms is… popular.

There are ton of quality resources available on the subject of anger for moms andI read a LOT of it in preparation for this series. Sadly, I also read some not-so-good stuff.  Not everything I read came from the perspective of grace and hope.

At any rate, imagine us meeting for lunch to chat about our progress. As you sit down, I’m handing you a folder of magazine clippings.  If we met in person (and my printer worked) this is what I’d share.

[Read more…]

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Pages from My Yelling Journal – The Volume Knob

Since we’re on this journey from anger to peace together, I thought it was only fair to share some of what I’ve written in my yelling journal.  This is all about the volume knob on the television.  It turns out that volume knobs aren’t just for tv.

(Yes, I know, televisions don’t have knobs any longer.  They have buttons.  But you know what I mean.)

This is pretty much a word for word transcription of my  journal entry.  You even get a peek at my really bad handwriting. [Read more…]

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The funny side of anger

With today’s post, I’m officially halfway through the 31 day series on anger.  We’ve earned a break.  So today I’m sharing the funny side of anger.

My personal journey to stop yelling and be less angry hasn’t happened in a vacuum.  That would have been so much less humiliating.  Instead, I’ve struggled with this in full view of my kids.

Remember my yelling journal?

At first, I didn’t tell my kids.  But it’s hard to keep it a secret when I whip the thing out and write in front of them.

It’s harder to keep it a secret when I yell [Read more…]

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How Yelling is Like Popping a Zit

I don’t want to gross you out, but have you ever noticed how yelling is like popping a zit?

Specifically, it’s like popping that big honking glow-in-the-dark zit that’s at the end of your nose.  The one you can see without looking in a mirror.

(Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Everyone has THAT zit at one point in their lives.) [Read more…]

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Anger is not always wrong.

Sometimes, anger can be a good thing.

In the middle of a series on anger, that seems a strange thing to say.

But… it’s true.

Anger is not always wrong.  It isn’t always a sin.   When it happens for the right reasons and is expressed correctly, anger is good. [Read more…]

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How Little Bear Made Me a Better Mom

I have a confession – I MISS the Little Bear Series on Television.

When my kids were pre-school aged, I made sure to record EVERY episode on the PVR.

Somewhere around 4:30, my oldest would start showing signs of the nap he skipped.  My youngest would start showing signs of being two.  I’d be trying to cook dinner, get presentable for my husband, stay out of the wine bottle, and keep it together enough to avoid (a) yelling (b) ordering pizza again and (c) strapping my kids into their car seats as a form of protective custody.

That’s when I knew it was time to turn on Little Bear. [Read more…]

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