A farewell to anger?

As I wrap up my series on anger,  there’s a part of me that wants to keep on going.

(There’s also a part of me that is in shock that I could still conceivably say anything of value on the subject.)

Before I wrap up tomorrow, I wanted to take you back through the whole series in the context of the scripture verse I started with.

Remember?  Psalm 37:8 says

Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper – it only leads to harm.

If I were to reswizzle the order of the posts just a wee bit, I think you’ll see it more clearly.

a farewell to anger


Finding Peace in Unlikely Places (the story behind why I’m writing this series)

Day 1 – The Beginning

Day 3- Is it ever OK to yell?  (Hint: Yes!)

Day 13 – Anger can be OK. (as long as I follow God’s example)

Stop being angry!

Day 6 – What is there to be angry about anyway? (make a list of little angries)

Day 7 – Lessons from the angry list – First (angry) things First.  (Low Hanging Fruit)

Day 8 – Lessons from the angry list – (Angry) weeds.  How reaping what we sow isn’t always fun.

Day 9 – Lessons from the angry list – How anger leads to thankfulness. (I’m so thankful that it does.)

Day 10 – Lessons from the angry list – How goals make me angry.  (They don’t, but I get frustrated when I hit barriers.  How quality goals make a difference.)

Day 11 – I need margin.

Turn from your rage!

I’m yelling because…. (the yelling journal)

Eggs with a side of yelling (what I’m learning by keeping a yelling journal)

Day 16 – The Volume Knob (Learned from my yelling journal.  Volume control isn’t just for televisions.)

Day 19 – But it’s all just yelling.  Yelling with my actions.

Day 14 – How yelling like popping a zit (Pressure, explosion, mess, and regret)

Day 24 – 10 things that make me mad.  (and what I can learn from them)

Day 18 – Blessings (Lessons from my yelling journal.  The day I realized we were all complaining about blessings.)

Do not lose your temper.

Day 12 – Why I miss Little Bear (and why it made me a better mom to preschool kids)

Day 4 – There is no angry way to say bubbles.  (Why I spew sugar and sweetness instead of spice and anger.)

Day 5 – The art of the mommy time out. (aka why I need to pee when I’m angry)

Day 20 – Grace, Like candy.  (Oh my word, this had me in puddles as I wrote it.)

Day 23 – Four little words that can change everything. 

Day 27 –  Chocolate Caramels for your Soul (scripture and prayer for when you struggle)

Day 28 – Priorities, interruptions, and the juggling act.  (guest post)

Day 25 – Pain makes me angry. (The importance of self care, even when it isn’t convenient.)

Day 22- Down to my frazzled last nerve. (and why I pay attention to the next to the last nerve)

Day 29 – Taming your tantrum (three ideas to manage your monster moments)

It only leads to harm.

Day 21 – But… yelling works so well! (The hidden cost of anger.)

Day 2 – But I’m NOT an angry woman! (I may have yelled that really loud just before I slammed a door.)


Day 31:  It was about peace all along

Day 15 – The Funny Side of Anger (A lighter look at the crazy ways I can go from a temper tantrum to a fit of giggles.)

Day 17 – 22 Resources from around the web (Blogs, posts, and series)

Day 26 –  More resources for mommas (books you may want to read)


As I look at my notes for this series, I can see where the unwritten posts fit in.  For now, they will stay in draft form.  Some of them are still too raw to share.  Some are stories that haven’t quite found an ending yet.

For now, it has been an honor to share this journey with you.

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  1. Thank you before this series, I thought anger was an effective way to influence my children to make better choices. I have started an anger journal, and I am trying to chose my words, volume and tone much more wisely. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
    Jolene recently posted..Day 29 Counting BlessingsMy Profile

    • Jolene – I’m so touched by your comment! Thanks for letting me know that the series made a difference for you. I’m thrilled to hear that you started to journal through your anger and that it’s working.

      My own journey is far from over. I’ve planted angry seeds in the hearts of my children and they have learned some of my bad habits. As I gain control of my tongue, I find myself needing to help my children learn to do the same thing. It’s hard, but worth it!

  2. Melinda Stanton says:

    This is amazing in so many ways- your vulnerability and honesty, your research into good Scripture, plus the fact that you wrote such a long series!

    • God was with me every step of the way! I could not have written this series without Him. Last year, I tried to do it without relating on God. This year was a totally different experience.

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