Even MORE resources on anger and yelling for moms.

For a subject as big and broad as anger and yelling and moms, I realize you may need to dig a little deeper than a simple blog series.

I did.

As I prepared for this series and written each post, I’ve been reading a LOT.

I’ve already shared some great resources from other bloggers on the subject of anger and yelling.   

Now it’s time to talk books.

There are a TON of books that talk about anger and anger management.

great books for moms on anger and yelling

(As I write this draft, Amazon has 9,345 separate listings for books under the category of Anger Management.  Enough to make your head spin, right?)

My list of suggested books is based on some simple criteria.

  1. Readily available.
  2. A positive Biblical perspective that doesn’t include guilt trips or cussing.
  3. Provide hope and humor.
  4. Be easy to read in small doses, not require sessions with a therapist, not provide intensive homework, and generally not stress me out.

Since I’m an Amazon Affiliate, I’ll be linking to their website.  If you click and buy anything, you might end up supporting my coffee habit.  Just so you know.

She’s Gonna Blow!

Real help for moms dealing with anger.

by Julie Ann Barnhill

This book was published in 2005, shortly before I began potty training my oldest.  It’s no coincidence that it is the first book I read on the subject of anger in moms.

Ms Barnhill is funny.  Her books make me laugh and nod my head in agreement. And then you realize just how much truth she’s speaking into your heart.  It’s not sugar coated fluff, but somehow it’s easy to swallow.

shes gonna blow quote

Honestly, I didn’t manage to re-read the book before writing this series.  I’ve given away several copies over the years, and I still feel comfortable recommending it.

I’m a volcano.  But I’m guessing you knew that by now.

I’m equally comfortable suggesting Confessions of an Imperfect Mom: God’s Path to Less Guilt and More Grace by the same author.


Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions

by Lisa TerKeuyst

I actually started this book shortly after it released.  I didn’t finish it until this month.

I wish I’d finished it sooner.   Ms TerKeuyst approached the whole subject from such a different perspective than my own.  It really made me see my own struggles in a new way.

I highlighted about a third of the book, but if I had to pick my very favorite it might be

I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control.

favorite quotes from unglued

Let. It. Go.

How to stop running the show and start walking in faith.

by Karen Ehman

Let me start by saying if you haven’t read her earlier book titled  A Life That Says Welcome, A: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart & Home to Others you really should.

My copy has a LOT of highlights in it.

So I was excited to read her newest book.  At first, I wasn’t sure that it related to anger management.  But then I got to thinking about the whole control freak thing that I struggle with and I could see the connection.

I’m only on Chapter Two of this book, but I’m already recommending it to friends.

It’s your turn.

I’m always on the look out for a good book.

Do you have one you’d like to recommend?

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  1. I recently covered anger issues similar to this for a blog post for a site. The post was actually geared more towards angry fathers lol. I can vouch for the publication of ‘she’s gonna blow’ – a very well written and it times lighthearted look on anger.
    Great article be the way on a good subject,

  2. Being a mom is not an easy task, they are 24/7 on duty without any rest day. There are times that moms get angry and starting to yell, but I guess, mom should also learn to have self control no matter what, but learning about that is not that easy, good thing you have introduce this books. Great help, thanks.

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