10 Things that Make Me Mad

Why am I listing 10 things that make me mad in a middle of a series on managing my anger?


(Hold on, I’ll get there.)

10 things that make me mad

10 things that make me mad

1.  When someone puts the milk back in the refrigerator with less than a tablespoon of milk in it.  (Or when they put the chip bag back in the pantry with a quarter cup of crumbs.  ugh)

2.  When my kids pilfer my stash of secret chocolate.

3.  Lies.

4.  When the phone rings while I’m in the shower.  No reason.

5.  Pretty shoes that hurt my feet.

6.  Broken zippers.

7.  Breaking my fingernail.

8.  The second trip to the grocery store in a day.

9.  Juicy Fruit Gum.

10.  Burnt bacon.

10 things that make me angry

Why does this matter?

I could make a longer list and they would all seem equally nonsensical.  But really, they fall into several big categories.

The burnt bacon and second trip to the grocery store are both inefficient and wasteful.  Even when they’re my fault, I don’t like them. Watching my husband cook triggers much the same reaction. Yes, it got done.  Wow, there was a much faster way to peel carrots and clean a bell pepper.

The smell of juicy fruit gum makes me nauseous.  I get really irritated when people chew it around me.  Even strangers.  How dare they not be thinking about ME and my needs.  The world revolves around me and I think it should be illegal to chew that gum.

Broken zippers and fingernails are small disappointments.  There’s no real way to prepare for them.  It just happens.  I don’t know why it surprises me for a zipper to break after four years, but it did.  Sigh.

Stealing my chocolate and lying to me are both ways my kids are disrespectful.  It’s like they think I’m not a real person sometimes.  I’m worthy of their respect and it irritates the snot out of me when they get so self centered and thoughtless that they forget that.

The milk thing is just plan stupid.  Generally, the milk thing causes the second trip to the grocery store.  When being out of milk ruins my cup of coffee, then things can get really bad.  Being so self centered and thoughtless that you ruined my coffee is just beyond excuse.  It’s not that hard to realize the milk is empty.  (Or that the toilet paper needs refilling.  Come on people, get it together.)

10 things that make me angry

See the pattern?

Whether I like it or not, I live in house filled with inefficient, self-centered, thoughtless people.  (Um, I might include myself in that description.  Shhh!)

I walk around expecting them to be thoughtful and center their lives around my wants and needs.  When that doesn’t happen, I get mad.

When the phone rings and I’m in the shower, it is inevitably my husband calling.  He’s one of two people who actually call me on a daily basis.  (The other is my mom.)  I figure my husband should just KNOW when I’m in the shower randomly at 10:15am.  He’s supposed to read my mind.  It’s so thoughtless of him not to have mental telepathy.

Does that even make sense?

Last thoughts:  I read this to my husband before publishing.  He said “I still don’t get the Juicy Fruit thing.”  He didn’t even remember that it makes me nauseous.  Do I really even need to say anything else on the subject?

He threatened to write a guest post in response to the carrot thing.

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  1. I got things similar to the juicy fruit gum that make me go mad. It’s like “What? People don’t care about me?” lol.

    I used to go mad at disappointments in my earlier days – but now, it seems I’m growing up. I expect less to avoid getting mad. Except for some very big things, I don’t get mad over disappointments.

    But when people disrespect me, this is something that I cannot take 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.
    Jane recently posted..3 Important Things To Ensure Your Complete Well-BeingMy Profile

  2. When I boil it down, it’s amazing how many times I’m mad at someone else just because I’ve forgotten that the universe does NOT revolve around me. When I write it down, I can see how silly the whole thought process is.
    Susan Baker recently posted..Pain makes me angryMy Profile

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