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As part of my 31 day series on Anger, I wanted to provide a quick roundup of other voices from the blog world. ¬†Writing about angry moms is… popular.

There are ton of quality resources available on the subject of anger for moms andI read a LOT of it in preparation for this series. Sadly, I also read some not-so-good stuff.  Not everything I read came from the perspective of grace and hope.

At any rate, imagine us meeting for lunch to chat about our progress. As you sit down, I’m handing you a folder of magazine clippings. ¬†If we met in person (and my printer worked) this is what I’d share.

best of the web angry moms

Scripture Based Perspectives:

Proverbs 31 Ministries always has good stuff, but in particular I love their recent devotional titled Me and My Momma Mouth.¬†¬† It’s by Karen Ehman, and her newest book is on my Kindle right this very minute.

I cried as I read this post from Raising Arrows.  She wrote beautifully about her deep bitterness from the loss of a child.  Her four part plan for recovery from anger is simple but powerful.

MomLifeToday has a post titled Mom, You’re Mad A Lot. ¬†The title stung, but the post is good. ¬†She responds to her son’s criticism and works it through to how God parents us. ¬†Good food for thought. ¬†The follow up post titled Confessions of an Angry Mom does a great job of looking at how our own anger habits are being passed on to our children.

Homeschooling Hearts and Minds wrote an amazing post on the aftermath of yelling.  You can almost feel the Grace settling on this momma as she writes through the craziness.

Helpful Blogs and Amazing Series:

The M.O.M. Initiative doesn’t have a series on anger, but they post about it regularly. ¬†They have a great piece on Five Simple Steps to Diffuse the Angry Mom Syndrome. ¬†Each step is backed up with scripture, and each step is part of a daily routine.

They have another post on 6 Ideas for when you’re too tired to be mom. ¬† I don’t know about you, but sometimes I blow it just because I’m so tired I can’t see straight.

I’ve also used their suggestions on how to recover with your kids when you blow it. ¬†(ahem) They work.

The entire Orange Rhino blog is about NOT YELLING. ¬† First clue? It’s subtitled “my 365 day challenge to stop yelling at my kids.”

Start with 10 things I learned when I stopped yelling at my kids. 

or 12 steps to stop yelling.

or 100 alternatives to yelling.

I stumbled on One Fun Mom during my research for this series.  Now I want to be a fun mom, not just a happy one.

They’ve done a great series of their own on recovering from anger.

They also did a series on one of my favorite books on this subject. She’s Gonna Blow! by Julie Barnhill. ¬†(You can use my Amazon Associate link to get your own copy – I’ll make a few pennies if you do.)

Creative With Kids has a great set of resources titled Stop The Yelling. ¬†It’s an ongoing series that is well thought out and researched. ¬†She also has some book recommendations for further reading.

For those of you who struggle with angry eating, I’d suggest this post from the¬†Emotional Eating¬†Series at Grace and Strength. ¬†I’m not familiar with her blog, but I loved the posts I read from this series.

22 resources for angry moms

From the Psychologist POV:

iMOM provides an easy way to categorize what kind of angry person you are. ¬†It doesn’t provide solutions to stop, but it does provide an understanding that we all express anger in different ways.

Prevention has a quiz to determine how you express your anger.

Babble featured an article about a mom who ponders if anyone else ever gets angry with their kids.  The post does a good job of capturing just how isolated we ALL feel on this subject.  The NUMBER of  comments are actually my favorite part of the post.  Just seeing how many people took the time to comment makes me feel better.

Parent Dish claims that Moms with Young Children are the angriest Americans. ¬†Wow. ¬†I hesitated to include this, particularly since the comments aren’t uplifting. But – this article is almost a perfect example of why I can’t make it as a mom without GRACE and HOPE and JESUS. ¬†I’ve read it three times, and it continues to fill me with compassion for moms who are trying to parent without understanding Grace.

You can read about how to be a calm(er) mom at Good Housekeeping. ¬†It’s a good checklist for stress management. ¬†Personally, the article makes me smile. ¬†This woman lost it as they were on vacation in Hawaii. ¬†If she can be ¬†stressed out on vacation in Hawaii, then me stressing out in the laundry room seems pretty normal.

If you’re working on identifying your anger triggers, head over to ¬†Love To Know for their free printable Anger Worksheets.

Oprah provides a quick list of 5 ways to deal with rage.

 Want more?

Every one of these links is on my Pinterest Board for the series along with inspirational quotes, motivational ideas, and snarky e-cards.

I’m working on a second post to feature the amazing BOOKS on this subject. ¬†It’s just too much to fit in one spot!

What have I missed?  What are your favorite resources?

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  1. OH my gosh, we were destined to meet online for sure. I have the ENTIRE 30 Day challenge from the Orange Rhino saved in my Gmail account!

    These are some really great resources. Thanks for sharing them.
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    • I hadn’t even heard of Orange Rhino until I started work on this series (not sure what rock I was under, sheesh!) But when I did find the site I was in AWE. Just… wow.

  2. Thanks for sharing The M.O.M. Initiative as a resource for moms! What a sweet honor! ūüôā

  3. The M.O.M. Initiative sounds like a great idea.
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