How Yelling is Like Popping a Zit

I don’t want to gross you out, but have you ever noticed how yelling is like popping a zit?

Specifically, it’s like popping that big honking glow-in-the-dark zit that’s at the end of your nose.  The one you can see without looking in a mirror.

(Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Everyone has THAT zit at one point in their lives.)

Remember that zit?

Remember how you can practically FEEL the thing throbbing with your heartbeat?  Remember being pretty darn sure that everyone ELSE can see your pulse as the thing throbs?

(Kind of like that vein that pops out when you’re really, really angry.)

yelling is like popping a zit

I don’t know about you, but all I could think about was finding a mirror and popping that silly thing.

(Kind of like that moment when I know I’m going to yell.  And I suck in a big lungful of air and then look around for an appropriate target to yell at.)

And then, when I finally got to the mirror, I couldn’t help myself.  I had to just… squeeze.

I was sixteen.  It’s not like this happened last week or anything.

Honest.  No one gets zits after 45, right?  Seriously.  There’s no possible way I could still have the occasional zit AND be peri-menopausal.

Remember?  The zit?  Popping the zit…

Squeeze… pop… sploit… ewww….

Yeah.  The mess on the mirror.  Somehow, I always forgot about that part until it was too late.

And inevitably, the darn zit leaves this nasty red welt and maybe a scab on your nose.


Remember yelling?

When I yell, it kind of does the same thing.

Yell… hurt… cry… ewww….

Yeah. The mess IN the mirror.  Somehow, I always forget that part until after I yell.

And inevitably, the darn yelling leaves this nasty red welt on my heart and maybe a scab on the hearts of my family.

yelling is like popping a zit

The mess in the mirror.

After a yelling fit, I never want to look in the  mirror.  I don’t want to see myself.  I don’t want to look in my own eyes.

No one else wants to look at me either.

Yelling is a LOT like popping a zit.

Lots of pressure up front.  An ugly explosion. Then ugliness and regret.

Have a great Monday ladies.  Try not to pop any zits yell today!

(As a public service:  Do NOT Google this topic.  Don’t watch the You Tube videos.  Don’t look at the image search results.  Just… don’t.)

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  1. Never in a million years would I have thought of yelling like popping a zit. You’re right though, after a yelling fit I do normally regret it!
    Crystal Green recently posted..Twister Dance Rave ReviewMy Profile

    • When I sat down to brainstorm ideas for the series, I ended up with a long list of post titles. This was one of them. I have no idea why I wrote it down to begin with. But I liked the title enough that I ended up writing content to fit it.

      Maybe not the best thing to read over your Monday morning coffee. Sorry about that. 🙂
      Susan Baker recently posted..How Yelling is Like Popping a ZitMy Profile

  2. Popping a zit gets a bit tough sometimes

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