How Little Bear Made Me a Better Mom

I have a confession – I MISS the Little Bear Series on Television.

When my kids were pre-school aged, I made sure to record EVERY episode on the PVR.

Somewhere around 4:30, my oldest would start showing signs of the nap he skipped.  My youngest would start showing signs of being two.  I’d be trying to cook dinner, get presentable for my husband, stay out of the wine bottle, and keep it together enough to avoid (a) yelling (b) ordering pizza again and (c) strapping my kids into their car seats as a form of protective custody.

That’s when I knew it was time to turn on Little Bear.

i love little bear

If you aren’t familiar with the series and have kids in the preschool phase, you HAVE to check it out.  Seriously.

Little Bear Rocks.

NONE of the characters whine.

The music is a soothing series of classical music.  Your kids can actually fall asleep while this is playing.  You can have an adult conversation while this is playing in the background.

None of the characters look directly at the screen and ask silly questions.

As a bonus, the series was developed from books.  The books are considered to be quality children’s literature.  Between the classical music and the the phrase “children’s literature” it felt like it was something worth letting my kids watch.

And then there’s Mother Bear.

It never mattered what Little Bear and his roaming in gang of hoodlum friends woodland creature friends got into.  That woman NEVER got upset.  Little Bear made a disaster of her kitchen while she was sick – Mother Bear just smiled and told him he was amazing.  Little Bear drug home some wild bear to spend the night – Mother Bear fed him pancakes.

I wanted to be like Mother Bear.  

I still do.

Her calm response was the example I needed in the afternoons.  Somehow, it was IMPOSSIBLE to yell and go all bat crazy on my kids when she was in the house.

Instead, I have fond memories of walking out of the kitchen to sit down on the couch with my boys.   I have sweet memories of feeling them both crawl in my lap and their tiny bodies go limp.  In the theatre of my mind, I can still feel the warmth, still smell their hair.

And then… in perfect time with Mother Bear I would wrap my arms around them and whisper

You will always be my Little Bear.

Even now, I know it’s true.  After heated tween drama, I still can hug them and whisper it.

you will always be my little bear

If you haven’t introduced Little Bear to your little bears, there’s an easy way.

(Just to make it clear, I’m an Amazon Associate.  If you click these links, I make a tiny amount of money.  Every cent of it goes right back into covering my costs for the blog.  I don’t do this very often.  I’d have written about Little Bear today even if it wasn’t on Amazon.)

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That’s enough time to get two day shipping for free on almost all your Christmas shopping.  And since Amazon Prime includes unlimited streaming of an amazing collection of movies and television, you can get caught up on Downton Abby while you shop.

I double checked.  You can stream Little Bear on Amazon.

I also looked for Little Bear on You Tube.  All that I could find were videos of people recording their television set.  Not nice.

I’d love to find the tween equivalent of Little Bear.  Any suggestions?  Do you have fond memories of Little Bear of a similar show?  

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  1. Now I am truly curious about Little Bear… Well, I never heard of it before. Many thanks for writing about it.
    Ismail N recently posted..MotherMy Profile

  2. i agree love it, im always trying to get the children to listen to classical music so im always playing it, but with this they engage with it far more

  3. i thought that little bear is related to panda, penguin of google updates lol. anyway thank you for posting.

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