There is no angry way to say “bubbles”

There is no angry way to say bubbles.

Just try it. The minute I saw it on Pinterest I had to try it.

(Hey Pinterest visitors… stick around.  I’ve got some other posts you’d love.  Honest.)

I felt ridiculous.

here is no angry way to say bubbles

I might have looked like this guy.  I’ve watched this several times now and ended up with tears of laughter streaming down my face! 

Do you know some other things that are hard to say when you’re angry?

“precious poppet”
“sweet butter biscuit of mine”
“delightful snuggle bunny”
“darling prince of the red hair and green eyes”
“sir cuddles of the warm blankie and mismatched socks”

I’ll give you a clue. The longer and more ridiculous of a name that I’m spewing, the angrier I really am.

If I call you “sweetie pie” you’re probably safe to watch the last 30 seconds of that silly cartoon.

But If I say “sweetie pie sugar bear honey bunny darling dumpling head” your hand better have hit the remote before I even finished talking.

This little habit of mine used to drive my husband nuts. He dislikes baby talk with passion.

Him: Why are you talking baby talk?
Me: It’s better than saying $%^@#$%$^#@$#.

It is, right? Besides, what self-respecting fourth grade boy wants to be called “precious prince of the purple pony pack” in public?

I don’t care how mad I am. I can’t use a growly angry voice with phrases like that.

I just can’t.

(As I’ve shared before, I don’t write cuss words down.  I use them.  I wish I didn’t.  It’s bad enough to cuss when I’ve lost control, why make it worse by writing them down on purpose.)

I love my silly angry phrases.

I don’t want my kids to remember me spewing ugly words.  I don’t want them to grow up with insults ringing in their ears.  I certainly don’t want to teach them that cussing like a sailor is acceptable either.

I would rather spew sugar and sweetness that spice and sorrow.

i would rather spew sugar than spice

My swap protects their hearts.  Even more so when they were little.

When I’m having an “angry moment” with my kids, it’s generally because I want them to do something they aren’t doing (or stop doing something they are).  I want their attention.  I want to motivate them to change their ways.

My kids will get up off the couch and start doing chores if it stops me from calling them “sweet apple dumpling of the couch cushions” again.  That kind of name is shameful to a boy!

Besides.  They make me laugh.

In the middle of spewing sugar and sweetness I crack myself up.  My ears catch up with my mouth and I realize just how ridiculous I sound.

I can’t stay angry when I’m laughing.

i can't stay angry when i'm laughing

Did you catch that?

I’m angry.  I’m spewing words.  By the time my ears catch up with my mouth, my brain is finally able to engage, and I realize I sound ridiculous.

Sound familiar?  Ever done that with spicy words… the ones with four letters?  Ever done that with words that hurt and stick…. the ones that cause sorrow in the soul?

Spew sweetness my friend.  Spew sugar.  Blow big bubbles of blue bubblegum.

It’s better than spewing angry words that you’ll regret 10 seconds later.

Don’t blow your stack.  Blow bubbles.

Care to chime in?  How’s your yelling journal coming?  Did you actually try to say “bubbles” with an angry voice?  Did I make you laugh?

there is no angry way to say bubbles

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