Writing Prompts for Writer’s Block

If you’ve written or blogged for any length of time, sooner or later you face writer’s block.

It happens to all of us.  Sometimes you sit down in front of the screen and just stare.  Sometimes, everything else just gets in the way and seems more important.  Sometimes, pure exhaustion sets in.

For a variety of reasons, writer’s block just happens.

Every writer has their own way of dealing with it, and I’m always looking for new ideas.

Here’s what I’ve found that works for me:

Writing through Writer’s Block

20 ways to write through writers block

Make Lists

1. Top ten most played songs on your iPod.

2. Top ten most requested snacks from your kids.

3. Top five favorite junk foods.

4. Five most ridiculous manicures you’ve seen on Pinterest.

Pick a topic and a number and just make a list.   Then go back and add a few random comments for each fact.  I’m still puzzled by the fluffy manicure thing.  How do you keep those clean around raw chicken?  Ewww.

Share Failures

5. Biggest recipe disaster.

6. The cake that didn’t rise.

7. The Pinterest craft that was a disaster.

8. The bad haircut from seventh grade.

9. The ugly bridesmaid dress of shame.

Pick something that makes you human.  Exaggerate the failure.  Be vulnerable.  Bonus points if you have photos to offer as evidence of your failure, but if you don’t – just claim that you burned all the evidence.

Go Behind the Scenes

10. Make a list of your top five hits from Google search over the past month (or last year) and highlight them.

11. Share the weirdest spam comments.

12. Ponder the weirdest searches from Google that lead to your blog.

13. Highlight your favorite commenters.

If you can’t write enough words of your own, sometimes it helps to quote other people.  You can quote me on that if you need to.

Share a secret that everyone knows

14. Your secret family recipe for baked beans (or whatever)

15. The secret to perfectly hemmed drapes

16. The secret to getting your baby to sleep.

It turns out that everyone doesn’t know it.   Even if they do, they want to see if their secret way is the same as yours.   For what it’s worth, my secret recipe for baked beans involves opening a can of… baked beans.   I got the recipe from my cousin.

Write about writing

17.  Introduce your favorite can’t live without blogging plug in.

18.  What author inspires you to write.  We all have a few.  Writers are readers.

19.  Your grammatical pet peeve.

20.  Your top 20 writing prompts for when you have writer’s block.

Oh come on, wasn’t it obvious?

Give a girl a hand… what writing prompt would you suggest for me?


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  1. Ha! I totally didn’t get it until the end. I like how you turned your writer’s block into writing.
    Jean recently posted..Shark Steam Mop Musings: A ReviewMy Profile

    • That’s my favorite thing to do with writer’s block!

      We all face it. It happens. Sometimes the best thing to do is poke fun at the whole problem and just quit fighting it. 🙂

  2. Well done, Susan! You managed to defeat your own writer’s block and helped all of us, too!
    Mo recently posted..Married For A Million Years ShowerMy Profile

  3. I love this list. I’m too much of a jabber mouth to ever hit writers block, and I do have it my family is always QUICK to say here’s a “blog post for you” or “Will you write this blog post for me Mommy?” My blog has always been me imagining someone sitting across from me and listening to my boring thoughts and feelings. 🙂
    Crystal Green recently posted..Stillwell: A Haunting on Long Island Book ReviewMy Profile

    • Oh I have plenty of topics. That’s sometimes the problem. I have 10,000 ideas in my head and can’t get enough of any one topic down on paper. List posts work really well when I’m that scattered.

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