My Kids Make Me Laugh about Grammar

See? It’s Monday and I’m telling you that my kids make me laugh.  I TOLD you there would be changes.  (Yes. Grammar can be funny.)

Watty has started fourth grade this year.  It’s been a big step-up year with more homework, additional subjects, and stricter teachers.  That’s translated into some major drama in our home.

(when possible, i counter their drama with humor.  i’ve been known to applaud and yell “bravo.”)

Recently, the drama was over grammar.

Watty:  Mom.  I HATE grammar.  I don’t understand why we have to study it at school.

Me:  What else?

(see that?  me using my non-commital tone and trying to just listen as he vented.  ignore the glass of wine in my hand at 4 in the afternoon.  i was being a good mom. honest.)

why does homework equal drama


Me:  Yes it is.

(he stares at me like i have sprouted a giant zit on my nose.  again.  the child clearly thinks i’ve lost my mind.)

Watty:  What?

Me:  Grammar isn’t an exciting subject to study.  But it’s important.  Grammar saves lives.

Watty:  Mommy…. this is serious!

Freshly inspired by all the time I’ve spent on Pinterest, I quickly showed him the difference between

Let’s eat Grandma!


Let’s eat, Grandma.

Watty cracked up.  He thought it was the funniest thing he’d seen all day.  We finished his spelling worksheet.  We finished his math homework.

(as usual, there was more time spent in drama than on the actual assignments.  sigh.)

After he was done with his homework, I asked him a simple question.

Me:  What if I can make grammar fun?

Watty:  That’s impossible.

I pulled out the Mad Libs book.  I had purchased it over a year ago in anticipation of just such an emergency.  I LOVED Mad Libs as a kid and was looking forward to introducing my kids to them.

After a short list of adjectives, nouns, verbs, colors, and the like we were done.  Watty was, at this point, glaring at me.  Being prompted for random parts of speech was NOT fun to him.

Then I started reading the Mad Lib.

The child was laughing so hard that he literally fell off the bar stool.  He just kept laughing and rolling around on the floor.  He had tears streaming down his face.

(apparently, retelling the Star Wars intro with a heavy dose of kitties and candy is good humor to 4th graders.)

We did a second one (it featured bathroom humor.  it didn’t take my son long to figure out Mad Libs.)

He fell off the chair again.

My kids make me laugh.

All is right with my world again.

Mad Libs are still funny – particularly the potty humor ones.

Grammar isn’t quite as boring as my son thought it was.   Between Mad Libs and School House Rocks he’s actually quite entertained.

So how have your kids made you laugh?



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