Labor Day Weekend Summer Recipe Roundup


It’s Labor Day weekend!  The official last weekend of summer grilling and cookouts.   In honor of the weekend of summer cooking, I’m rounding up my favorite summer recipe posts from the past two years.


your perfect summer menu

Labor Day Weekend Summer Recipe Roundup

If you’re grilling and chilling, this is the perfect chicken recipe.  You CAN NOT mess it up.  Go ahead and grill extra for the freezer.  It’s perfect for cutting up for lunches and salads and sandwiches.

recipe for bistro chicken


If you’re stuck in a heatwave or taking a side dish to the cookout, this corn salad is PERFECT.  Make it with a bag of frozen corn.  Don’t even thaw the corn.  It will keep the salad chilled.  Besides, it’s yummy!

recipe for tomato basil corn salad


Watermelon mint salad is another great too hot to eat salad.  While you’re cubing up all that watermelon you can toss some in a bowl for the kids to enjoy.  Want to be fancy?  Stick popsicle sticks into the watermelon chunks for the kids. They’ll think you rock.


watermelon salad


Need a vegetarian option?  I hear you.  Most of my family gatherings seem to include a vegetarian option these days.  Lentil salad (without the bacon) is a great choice.  Besides, its super cheap.   Make a huge amount to fill up those teen age boys that might be lurking around the buffet table.

lentil salad header

 If you’re lucky enough to still have summer tomatoes, I’ve got two ideas for you.  The first is a traditional caprese salad.

caprese salad recipe

 The second is similar, but it features goat cheese.  Around here, we like the goat cheese and tomato salad as a light summer dinner.  Yummy.

tomato goat cheese salad recipe


Lastly, what about some pea salad?  Straight from the heart of dixie.   This is yummy.  Even if you aren’t a big fan of peas.

pea salad recipe


There. My favorite recipe posts from this summer.  Yummy.  Simple.  Frugal.  What more can you ask for?

What’s on your menu for Labor Day?

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