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It’s Five Minute Friday, hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker at The Gypsy Mama.  Five minutes of free writing flash mob goodness.

If you aren’t familiar, the rules are simple.  Lisa-Jo Baker gives a single word writing prompt every Friday.   Each of us have five minutes to write and post.  No editing, no second guessing, no fancy stuff.  Just plain writing – straight from the heart. (click HERE for the official rules and details).  Then we go visit other participants and shower them with comment love.

Last week, the word was LAST.

This week, the word is WORSHIP.  The whole Five MInute Party is on a road trip over at (in)courage.  If you haven’t ever checked them out, be sure and visit!

Five Minute Friday

Ooooh…. she’s stepped in it now.

All those nice church ladies whispering in the corner will be ALL OVER this.

… have you heard the music at THAT church?…

… their worship pastor looks like he plays in a rock band…

… tsk tsk…

… simply disgraceful…

… sniff…

It seems a simple equation.  Worship = Sunday pre-church music.

And since the word “holy” means “set apart, different” it’s just a hop skip and and a jump to conclude that the music we hear on Sunday mornings should be… set apart… different… than the music of the week.

It’s soooooo easy to put this neat little box out and expect worship music to fit into that tiny little box…

…. the hymns we grew up with

…. something with a nice piano

…. no drums

…. first and last verses in four part harmony with a be-robed choir of elders leading the way

… sound familiar?

Or maybe your box is the other one…  the one with a simple repetitive chorus and a beat so strong it makes my latte shake…. the one where I look around at the end to see if there’s a lighter tribute for the band.


I’ve sat dumbfounded at extended family dinners while the debate raged on.

I’ve bid farewell to good church friends because the new music guy was “too country” or “too rock” or “too young” or “not enough… whatever.”

I don’t get it.  My worship doesn’t fit in a box.


This past summer I stood in wonder, admiring God’s handiwork at Yellowstone National Park.  I was in awe.

Oh Lord my God,

When I in awestruck wonder… consider all the world thy hands have made…

Then sings my soul, my savior God to thee

How great Thou art…

I also sat in brokenness, crying out from the depths of my being to the one and only God… knowing that He alone could quench the dryness of my soul.

As a deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth out for thee…

… to You alone will my spirit yield….

And I stood, latte shaking and knees quaking in corporate worship (the kind where all your friends are with you)  singing

… oh how he loves us… oh… he loves us…

And I drove down the road, singing along with my kids and Bob and Larry.  All of us in joyful abandon and we sang a love song to God.

… He’s got you and me brother in his hands…

And I stood in silence at the doorway, listening.  Tears of thankfulness and humility streaming down my face as I heard my youngest child singing for all he was worth…

… shine… make em wonder what you got…. make wish that they were not… on the outside looking on…

… shine… let it shine before all in… let them see good works and then… let them glorify the Lord…



Five Minute Friday

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  1. Love your style of worship! It is the one we worship that matters, isn’t it? And that we worship in spirit and in truth. With our whole being, whoever we were created to be? To stand in awe of our Creator and sing His praises? How can we resist? Be it country, rock, gospel, old school, contemporary, it’s all a sweet sound to his ears! Love your song list here …. I was singing along outloud!
    Kelly (stopping over from Incourage FMF)

  2. Loved your post and bringing in the songs in the moments when you worshiped. Loving your new look over here, too!

  3. Susan, Thank you for sharing your memories of worship with us. It is sad that the “style” of worship can be such a dividing factor at times. The important matter is that we give praise, honor, and adoration to the lover of our souls. Thank you for sharing.

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