Summer Truths – One last time

I can’t bid a farewell to summer without pausing to look back at what I’ve learned over the past few months.

Oh, who am I kidding.

Sprinkled throughout my posts this summer were a nice sprinkling of “summer truths.”  I’ve jotted down several pages of them in my writer’s notebook too.  I thought it would be fun to round them up and maybe laugh at them.

I started with truth #100.  No reason.

Summer Truths

100.  Sandals and flip flops mean that no one has to wear socks.

101.  There are only so many re-runs I can enjoy.

102.  My son thinks that the one pound box of strawberries is a single serve container.

103.  Apparently, there is such a thing as “too much fruit.”

104. In the minds of children, there is not a difference between “fair” and “equal.”

105.  The same child who could not wake up on time the last week of school is now awake at 6am to watch cartoons.

106. Apparently, the giant bags of chips is also a single serving container.

107. I would rather sweat in silence than hear one more cartoon today.

108.  My children will follow me outside.

109.  My kids want mind rotting sloth.

110.  My kids need to be bored.

111. When it gets too hot to move, we hibernate.

112.  My children think fruit snacks and a cheese stick constitute a balanced breakfast.

113.  It appears to be easier to balance trash on the top of the pile than take the garbage out.

114.  My kids will loose their shoes.

115.  It will take longer to leave the house than it should.

116.  The space between the couch cushion and the arm of the couch appears to be a trash can.

117.  Creative parenting helps.

118. No matter how often I feed them, they are always hungry.

119. Just because they’re too full to finish the healthy food doesn’t mean they won’t have room for dessert.

120. Every time they go swimming it creates two loads of laundry.

121.  Don’t look in the laundry room, please.

122. If there is a chip bag in the house it is empty.

123. Somewhere in July we start counting days again.

124. Midnight is not a sustainable bedtime for an 8 year old.

125. Midnight is not a sustainable bedtime for an 40-something year old either.

126. The kids will reject 99% of all boredom busters that are suggested.

127. Going decaf for the summer was not a good idea.

128. Naps will happen spontaneously.

129. Cartoons.

130.  Kids will have an unrealistic idea of your summer budget.

131. Summer should happen when the weather is nicer and people can enjoy being outside.

132. The only good parenting in cartoons happened in Little Bear.

133.  Summer slide will happen.  My job is just to make it a controlled slide, right?

134. It’s ok to lower my standards.  Really.

135. At some point, I lose my sense of humor.

That’s my list – scrawled on the pages of the summer and edited for public viewing.

I’d love to know what “summer truth” you would add!  Care to share?

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