MOMtor Monday – Cookie Dough and Self Control

It’s MOMtor Monday and I’m over at Mothering from Scratch with a guest post.

I’ve adored their series on the fruits of the spirit this summer.  I love fresh fruit in the summer time, and their series really satisfied!

Because I’m a regular contributor to Mothering from Scratch (and because they actually plan their posts out weeks in advance) I actually had this writing assignment since last May.

For three months, I’ve been staring at “self control” as a writing topic.

When I first got it, I immediately told my husband.   His response was not exactly the loving and supportive one that I was looking for!

Well, that’s a bit of a stretch.

Thanks honey.  I appreciate that you always speak truth into my life.  Even when it’s not what I want to hear.

Off and on all summer, I’ve been in prayer over what in the world I could say on the subject of self-control.  I knew how I needed to start the subject (with a confession) but I had NO IDEA what to say after that!

On the Saturday before my post was due on Monday, God answered my prayers in an unexpected way.  That’s the day that my older son started hitting his brother in the backseat of my car as we were driving down the road.


My husband told the kids

Show some self-control!

(well, he said more than that, but you’ll have to read my post at Mothering From Scratch to know what it was.)

That’s when I lost control of my mouth.  It occurred to me that I didn’t know for certain that my children understood exactly what self-control meant.

So I explained it to them.

If I could have, I would have looked at my mouth as I was talking to make sure I was the one who was talking.  I have NO IDEA where the words were coming from and who was putting them in my mouth.  It certainly wasn’t MY brain!

When I was done, I looked at my husband and silently mouthed

Where did that come from?

He knew what I meant.  I hope you do too!

If you want to know what I said (and what it has to do with cookie dough) you’ll have to click over to Mothering From Scratch.

MOMtor Monday


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