My Kids Make Me Laugh – Back To School Style

My kids make me laugh, even as we’re gearing up for back to school.

We’ve got a few traditions that make the tradition easier.  One of those is taking the kids to IHOP for pancakes.

(there’s several other early morning traditions – they help get us back on schedule).

As I was planning out the next two weeks and making sure I get all those traditions covered, I was reminded of last year’s IHOP day. I don’t know what it was, but the kids were amazingly funny that day.

That’s the day my son and I had this long drawn out conversation about body parts.  See that? Right on the IHOP placemat.  Classy.

(if you don’t remember what I was drawing, you really should go look.)

My Kids Make Me Laugh - Body Parts

It’s also the day that they told me a “whopper” of a joke about fish.

Remember?   It’s still one of my favorite jokes from them.  It still makes me laugh.

Almost as much as Watty’s declaration about not keeping a pet salmon.  (that post attracts a TON of spammers.  i wish i knew why.)

My kids make me laugh - you don't keep salmon as pets

And when they had this long involved conversation about the weight of air.  (nerd alert.  it’s a geeky one.)

My kids make me laugh.

This time a year ago, GoGo was making me giggle with his mustache faces and his brother’s glasses.

My kids make me laugh - gogo with a mustache

I just realized Watty is wearing that same shirt today. No wonder it looks tight and worn out! It’s a year old.

So out of curiosity – I’d love to know…

How do you ease back to school this time of year?  Any favorite traditions.

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  1. You have lots of fun traditions! Ours are more boring like tomorrow is enrollment day and that is the day we’ll go buy all our school supplies-I won’t even go into the school supply aisles prior to enrollment.
    Jean recently posted..How to Make Party Guests Feel WelcomeMy Profile

  2. The drawing made me totally giggle! 🙂 Love the mustache picture…totally adorable!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Would You Rather: Eat Or Drink Your Calories?My Profile

  3. son cute and very funny story
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