My Kids Make Me Laugh – Cartoons

My kids make me laugh, even when we’re more than halfway through the summer and I’m counting days until school starts.  Lately, it’s been their reaction to cartoons.

I confess.  I let my kids watch cartoons for a little longer than the experts might recommend.

I’ve been amazed to hear my kids repeating some of the same conversations that my brother and I had when we were little.  To be honest, it’s made me laugh.

While watching Wile E Coyote chasing the Roadrunner

 Watty:  Hey, do you think we could make that work?

GoGo:  Nah… we can’t run fast enough.

Watty:  Besides, we don’t have mountains here.

They sat in silence for a minute, watching as the Coyote ran off the side of the cliff and fell down to hit the earth far below.

Watty:  The roadrunner can run across because he’s a bird.

GoGo:  Yeah! Everyone knows that birds can fly.

I kept my own observations to myself.  Clearly the bird was RUNNING, not flying.  You would think that would be obvious.  Besides… roadrunners can’t fly.

While watching the Flintstones

GoGo:  Wow… I never knew cavemen were so smart.

Watty:  Do you think they really invented the car back then?

When I was a girl, my brother and I had long arguments about why Fred’s feet didn’t catch on fire when he drove.  We felt that was the least realistic part of the whole show.

While watching Scooby Doo

GoGo:  Do you think the monster is Mrs McFrizzy Hair

(or whatever her name was.  i was ignoring the plot)

Watty:  Nah.  I think it’s the guy in the yellow hat.

GoGo:  What if it’s a real monster this time?

Remember when every plot for Scooby Doo and Gilligan’s Island felt fresh?  Remember that disillusioning day when you figured out that all the monsters were just people in masks? Remember realizing that Gilligan would always mess up their rescue prospects?

yeah….  takes you back doesn’t it.

My Kids Make Me Laugh

It wasn’t that they were funny.  It was more that they made me laugh with pleasure.  For just a few minutes, I took a trip down memory lane.

I remembered sharing the couch with my brother as we fought for possession of the middle cushions.  I remembered our mutual dislike for Woody Woodpecker.  I remembered him laying on the floor, foot resting on the edge of the console television… poised to be able to change channels with his foot.

And it made me smile.

Do yourself a favor.  Go listen to your kids as they watch classic cartoons.  Take a trip back to your own childhood.  And smile.

laughing at how my kids react to classic cartoons make me remember my own childhood.  love!


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  1. wow…too cute. I never really watched Scooby Doo when I was younger, but do love that son still hasn’t caught on to the monsters all being fake. LOL.

    Most of the cartoons he watches are all new…but all have the same plots…I should write down some of his questions though, they are funny.
    karen recently posted..TWENTY QUESTIONS WITH HUBBYMy Profile

  2. We have been watching a lot of old cartoons this summer, too. My five year-old will laugh until she cries at Tom & Jerry, which totally makes me laugh! 🙂 Great post!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Would You Rather: Have Dated Jake Ryan or John Bender In High School?My Profile

  3. As a kid I always love watching cartoons. Now I get to do it with my nephews. Our favorite is Scooby Dooby Doo. Watching cartoons make us miss our childhood days, eh?
    Christopher James recently posted..The Tao of BadassMy Profile

  4. Hello Susan Baker,
    I would like to appreciate your thought about the cartoons. Today their is a trend of action cartoons among children that causes a negative effect over the mentality and resulting into aggressiveness.

    In old cartoons, the cartoon makers focuses on fun and joy that resulting into a positive effects over the mentality of the children. So according to my experience the old cartoon are much better than the latest one.

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