Cleaning out the pantry

Last night, I posted a comment about my pantry on Facebook.

I’m not snacking.  I’m cleaning out the pantry.

My friends loved it.

How I Clean Out The Pantry

Last night’s dinner was a casual affair.  It consisted of  me pulling things out of the refrigerator, plopping stuff on paper plates, and microwaving until warm.

Not exactly gourmet cooking, but from time to time it needs to be done.  The leftovers build up when you cook every meal at home.

If you do this at your house then you know… sometimes as the mom, you end up with a less-than-satisfying set of options.

Since everyone else has already claimed their food by the time I make my plate, I get this weird combo of fried rice, enchilada, and pizza with a side of cole slaw.  Nice…

Normally, I made a salad to compensate.  Last night, we were out of lettuce.

(ok, we’re still out of lettuce. it’s not like i jumped up this morning to go to the store and buy lettuce.)

So after dinner, I found myself lurking in the pantry.

I found a gallon zip lock bag I’d used to contain one of those one pound bars of gourmet chocolate.  I bought it at Trader Joe’s before school let out and had completely forgotten about it.

Apparently, there were other family members that had been visiting the pantry.

The bag contained 99% wrapper and 1% chocolate.

Down in the bottom, lost in all the paper and aluminum foil wrapping, was on mangled little square of chocolate.

I ate it.  I ate the very last chocolate in the bag.

Since the bag was now 100% wrapper and 0% chocolate (I did double check, I promise) I tossed the bag in the trash.

Suddenly, I felt virtuous.

I wasn’t snacking.  I wasn’t cheating on my diet.  I was decluttering the pantry.  

cleaning out the pantry

My gift to you…

I’m willing to bet that somewhere in your pantry is a lost bag of candy from Easter or something.  Go declutter it.


Let me know what you find.


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  1. Great advice Susan! And thanks to this helpful post I managed to rid the pantry of some Twizzlers and peanut M&Ms! Much better! ;)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..10 Items You Will Need To Buy For Blogging ConferencesMy Profile

  2. I found red hot candies that are meant for decorating cookies but will totally be stale (or more stale) by Valentine’s Day so I had to remove them from the pantry..and eat them.
    Mo recently posted..Napa Valley Wine TastingMy Profile

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