1. {Kathy} Susan, all of these words could have come right out of my own head. I woke up this morning to clean laundry from stem to stern on my sectional waiting (for 3 days) to be put away. I also seem to have lost my rhythm—not dancing, I\\\’ve still got my groove–but laundry rhythm. The one that starts the moment I wake up until it\\\’s done. I\\\’ll let you know if I get it back. Maybe I\\\’ll turn on some Michael Jackson……

  2. My problem is that even when I do get to the bottom of my laundry basket, I leave the clothes in the dryer for days then have to put a bunch of them in the ironing basket. I\’m thinking about getting a standing steamer for triage \”ironing as needed\”. My daughter got one as a wedding present and she says it is her very favorite thing that she never knew she couldn\’t live without!

  3. Get my 25 ways to clean naturally with steam. Eliminate harsh chemicals and replace them with all natural steam to clean the surfaces in your home.facial steamer

  4. I’ve got 5 sons under the age of 8 so I can really relate to this! Sock sorting is not a problem because I force everyone to wear plain black socks! The kids school uniform pants are grey so it’s ok for school and that way I don’t have to sit on the kitchen floor for hours at a time pairing socks up which is what I used to do!

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