My Kids Make Me Laugh – Boredom

If my kids make me laugh about summer boredom, then there’s hope.

I KNOW I’m not alone.  All across America, kids are whining “I’m bored” by 10am.  By noon, a whole lot of us moms are “done.”  To be honest, humor is one of the biggest ways I cope.

I hope it works for you too.

By the way, this is the time of year that I’m totally jealous of my homeschooling friends.  Many of them are starting school early.  The days now will will be exchanged for a random week off when the weather if fabulous and the parks are deserted.

So far, today has gone a little something like this:

5:55am – Hubby jabs me awake, five minutes before the alarm goes off.  He said I was snoring.  (i probably was.  i won’t deny it.)

6:00am – Alarm goes off.

6:00:30am – Little feet hit the floor as GoGo rushes to join us. (a full 30 seconds after the alarm? the kid slept in.)

6:01 to 6:31 – GoGo and Hubby wrestle on the bed as I attempt to gain consciousness.

6:32 to 6:40 – Brush teeth, pull on clean clothes, wash face, start laundry, make bed.

6:41 to 7:00 – Drink green smoothie that hubby made for me, make hubby’s lunch.

7:01 – Hubby leaves.

7:02:  The very first “I’m bored” of the day.  GoGo wants to go wake his brother up to help him mine diamonds in Minecraft.  Uh… no.  Watty likes his sleep.  He does not want to be woken up by his little brother bouncing on the bed demanding to mine diamonds.

7:03: Mentally regret the no coffee vow I made for the summer.  (what? i didn’t tell you about that?  it’s part of the whole slow summer torture that involves a ban from Target, me cooking every meal and packing hubby’s lunch, and an almost total ban on junk food and wine.)

7:04:  The second “I’m bored.” of the day.  He’s grinning wildly as he says it, so I know he isn’t serious.  He just wants attention.

7:05:  Let the cartoons begin.  GoGo sits on the arm of my chair, leaning on me as he watches.  I kill Candy.

8:00: I hear feet hit the floor upstairs.  That probably means Watty is awake.  Since he’s a slow starter, I keep GoGo distracted as long as I can.

8:15:  The bellowing begins.  “Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!”  Watty has crawled into our (freshly made) bed and demands that I climb back in bed with him.  This is NOT what I need.  Any vision of a productive morning pales in comparison.

time passes

9:30:  I regain consciousness after my caffeine deprived state has caused me to give in to the siren song of my bed.   I might have slept longer, but one of my angels was bouncing up and down on my hip.  He said I was snoring.

I awake to find my kids have totally stripped the sheets off the bed in an attempt to build a fort.  There is evidence of a picnic in my bed.  The cartoons are blaring at full blast from the other room.   My cheek bears the imprint of my iPhone case.

9:31:  Mommy, we got bored.

9:32:  I begin to run through my standard suggestions for boredom cures.

  • Read a book? no, that’s boring
  • Take out the trash? did that yesterday
  • Sweep the front porch? it’s raining
  • Write a letter? NO!
  • Brush your teeth? already did that.
  • Go swimming? hello! it’s raining.
  • Clean your playroom?  BORING.
  • Go play in the street?  (this always brings laughter.  they know better.  even though it IS a cul-de-sac street)
  • Make my bed?  double boring
  • Empty the dishwasher? triple boring
  • Pester your mom.  YES!

9:35: Having spent two minutes suggesting activities only to have them rejected, I am resigned to my fate.  My kids have identified “pester mommy” as their primary objective of the day.  Again.

I pause long enough to reflect that it’s not raining.  My kids heard the same weather forecast I did and just went with it.  Oh well.

9:36:  I pull out the 281 ideas for Summer Boredom Busters that we’ve printed out.  The kids have done some editing.

They crossed out about a third of the ideas.  Some of them have editorial comments like “dumb” and “for girls” and even “boring.”   I’m particularly amused by the ones that have been so violently crossed out that the paper has begun to disappear.

My kids have also added some ideas of their own.

#282 – Go to the Lego store and buy stuff!

#284 – Eat a bunch of ice cream!

#285 – Go to IHOP and eat all the pancakes

#288 – Disneyworld

#289 – Legoworld

#290 – Minecraft world

#291 – Kitty world

and so on.

I stood there and laughed.  I really needed it too.

My kids made me laugh about boredom.

Minecraft world?  Kitty world?  I can only imagine what my kids came up with.   I can just imagine then standing there trying to one-up each other with more and more outrageous ideas for the list.

Honestly, I have no idea when my kids “edited” the list.  We used it last week, so it’s been pretty recent.

Just to finish out my morning:

It’s now 10:20.  While I’ve written this post, I’ve had to send Watty back upstairs to change clothes.  Wearing the same shirt for a 3rd day in a row was just too much.  I’ve also located the lost Kindle, asked my kids to turn down the volume on the television, changed the channel to a more acceptable show, started another load of laundry, and broken up a brother-fight.

Sound anything like your day?

Susan Baker
I have a passion for encouraging weary worn out mothers to find joy in everyday motherhood and peace in unlikely places. I have two elementary school boys, one nerdy husband, and two cats. I have a strange fascination for bad puns, the color pink, socks, and books. I worry about running out of toilet paper, wine, and chocolate.. I serve an amazing God. I live an ordinary life filled with wonder.
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Susan Baker

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  1. Sounds somewhat familiar minus the no coffee thing–you are BRAVE to attempt that one in the summer (or anytime). By the way, I think my boys would wear the same outfit for the entire summer if I would let them.
    Jean recently posted..Tell All Tuesday, A (Very) Late Version of Saturday SuccessesMy Profile

    • It wasn’t my first choice!

      I’ve read some stuff about the link between coffee and belly fat. Hubby suggested that I try 3 months without coffee to see if it was true. I couldn’t tell him no. Sniff. I still miss coffee.

  2. Oh girl, you have just described my summer to a tee. When does school start again?! ;)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Would You Rather: Have A Wedding Disaster Involving Jorts Or Cockroaches?My Profile

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