Summer Saturday – Just like when I was little

It’s a summer Saturday.

As I write this, my kids are watching Woody Woodpecker.  My husband is cutting the grass.  I’ve cooked a hot breakfast.  Once the yard is done, we have an afternoon of family fun planned.

Just like when I was a kid.

Without realizing it, our family found that old time routine of yard cutting and chores on Saturday morning before playing all afternoon.

And it just feels… right.

Until a few weeks ago, we had a yard guy that came and cut the grass.  Between a desire to do a little budget cutting and a need to teach our kids some responsibility, we fired the yard guy.   We decided it was time to teach our boys to cut the grass and do yard chores.

Suddenly, everything just fit.

Summer Saturday Routine

You remember this one, right?

Hubby gets up earlier on Saturday so you can cut the grass before it gets too hot.   He gets started before he even has breakfast.

So then I pried the kids out of their beds and into some clothes.   They watched cartoons while I cooked breakfast.  While they ate, I walked outside with a plate of food for hubby.

After the kids ate, I shoo’d them out of the house to go work in the yard  while I caught my breath.

Wow… sounds like something that happened on the Brady Bunch.

I don’t know why, but it just… works.

I love that my husband is teaching my kids about hard sweaty work.  I love that my kids are realizing that a little sweat and dirt and “icky stuff” won’t hurt them.

I also love that it gets everyone out of my house for a few minutes.  AND that they kids are so wiped out they want to take a nap after lunch.

Maybe our parents and grandparents were onto something…

summer saturday

What do you think?

How does your family spend Saturday mornings?

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