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My kids make me laugh all the time.  Recently, my husband and I were both cracking up at our youngest son.

Apparently, he lives in a different world than the rest of us.  He’s going into second grade this fall, so you have to take what he says with more than a grain of salt.

But even with that… he’s just… funny.

His record is three laughs in less than five minutes.  On three entirely different topics.  My head was spinning!

Laugh #1: Apartments

It took my kids FOREVER to understand the differences between apartments and hotels.  We live in a fenced-in-yard kind of city, so I can understand their confusion.

(i didn’t even TRY to explain the nuanced difference between a condo and an apartment.)

I thought we were there.

I honestly thought they understood.

Then we drove past a collection of three story apartment buildings that were surrounded by trees.  It’s a fairly new complex, but they’ve planted enough trees that you can’t really even see most of the first two floors.

The trees also obscured much of the first and second story stair cases.

GoGo:  Hey!  There are houses up in the trees!  They live in tree houses!  Mommy, why can’t WE live in a tree house like that!


Now he’s convinced there are entire neighborhoods of tree house homes.  NOTHING we say to him will convince him otherwise.

Laugh #2: Target

Picture your favorite neighborhood Target store.  It’s welcoming aisles are calling to you with their sweet siren song of shopping.  You can feel the cool round comforting shape of the shopping cart in your hand.  The birds are chirping in the trees and singing their praises…

… oh wait… that’s just me.  Sorry.

I might be banned from Target from the summer and I just MIGHT be having issues with that.

GoGo has a decidedly different take on my favorite everything store.

GoGo:  They must hold archery competitions there every night.

Me:  What?

GoGo:  They have that big target on the side of the building. I bet Legolas could hit it from here!

(Legolas – famed elven archer and hobbit companion)

The child is convinced that all kinds of amazing stuff happens after he goes to bed.

It amazes me that I ever manage to get him to go to sleep.

treasure every laugh

Laugh #3: Efficiency

After church on Sunday, hubby and I were debating where to go for lunch.

It’s kind of a big deal right now because it was the only time we were going out to eat all week. Sigh… I miss bus boys.  I really miss having someone else bring the ketchup to the table and whisk away my dirty dishes.  Sniff… 

We had finally settled on a place when GoGo piped up from the back seat.

GoGo:  What efficiency is the restaurant?

Hubby:  I know you’re hungry.  We’ll get you food as quickly as we can.

(sounds good to me. i was impressed at the use of the word “efficiency”)

GoGo:  No! That’s not what I meant.  What efficiency is it?  You know… what kind of food do they serve?

I mentally replayed the word through my translator (the one where I imagine what it sounds like to talk without front teeth) and came up with the answer.

Me:  Do you mean ethnicity?

GoGo:  Yes. That’s what I said.

Yeah. right…

My Kids Make Me Laugh

Even when they live in tree house neighborhoods, attend secret archery meet-ups, and eat at efficient restaurant.

How have your kids made you laugh today?

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  1. I love the archery laugh! My kids actually participate in archery, but they’ve never made the Target connection. They are playing “just 10 minutes more” of Minecraft right now and I had to think of you.

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