Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July friends.  I hope you’re having fun.

As is our tradition, I woke up this morning to the sound of fire engines.  Ever year, I forget that we live three houses off of a parade route.  We scrambled to get dressed and were in time to see the whole thing.

My kids came home with gobs of candy.  Some of it was clearly leftover Halloween and Easter candy.  To be honest, that’s pretty fair.  I think I handed out leftover July 4th parade candy for Halloween one year.

We’d only lived in our home for a month the first time we were awakened by the sound of sirens for July 4th.  I remember standing there holding the hands of my two diaper clad boys as they watched the parade go by.

They were in awe.

They talked about the candy for months.

They kept asking for parade candy.

You have no idea what frustration is until you listen to an 18 month old try to explain what he means by “parade candy.”

He wanted a specific candy that he remembered from the parade, but was unable to explain it any further.  Many many tears were cried over the WRONG candy.


He wanted smarties.

Smarties are not describable without words like tart and sweet and small and multiple and tube and pastel.  Try it.  You’ll end up talking about parade candy or some such nonsense.

So anyway…

Happy July 4th.

May your day be filled with watermelon and BBQ and grilled corn.

Celebrate the freedom to worship in the manner of your choosing… even if that includes not worshiping at all, or worshiping in a way that is very different than mine.

Celebrate the freedom to choose where you live, who you marry, and how many children you have.

Celebrate the freedom to read and learn and decide for yourself what you believe.

Celebrate the freedom to change the channel and find a different view point.

As I stand outside tonight and watch my neighbors blow up large sums of cash (aka watching the fireworks the guy down the street set off), I’ll take a moment to be thankful for all the freedoms I enjoy.



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Susan Baker

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