My Kids Make Me Laugh – Chickens

Remember when I confessed to being a virtual chicken killer?

I wish I knew what it was about video games and chickens.  They pretty much ALL include chickens.

Recently my kids were making me laugh about the chickens in Minecraft.

(yes, I know I’m writing about Minecraft for the second time this week.  It’s the obsession of the summer.)

It wasn’t exactly the chickens… more like the things my kids were SAYING to the chickens.

my kids make me laugh about chickens

Check these out.

Mr Chicken, you’re grounded.

(As opposed to what?  A flying chicken? Chickens can’t fly can they?  I thought ALL chickens were grounded.)

Chicken Beaver Weasel!

(That sounds like cussing to me.  Was that cussing?)

Chickens can not climb ladders.

(I think they can.  Why else would there be little ladders in all the chicken coops in cartoons?)

Dear Mr Chicken, please give me eggs.

(Someone needs a biology lesson.  MISTER chicken is a rooster.  Roosters do not lay eggs.)

You’re dead meat Mr Chicken

(Said without a hint of irony…I’m not sure he even realized it was a pun. Sigh.)

I’m kissing the chicken….

(How?  Chickens do not have lips.  They’re famous for not having lips…and WHY are you kissing a virtual chicken – particularly one that is confused about it’s gender.)

Get in the corner Mr Chicken. Moo-ove.

(moo-be?  Isn’t that what you say to a cow? Are there cows now?)

Hey! Don’t peck me Mr Chicken.  You choose where you go.

(Wait.  Just a minute ago you were telling the chicken to stand in the corner.  I’m confused.)


How can I not laugh at this?  How can I possibly write serious stuff when my kids are a source of comedic inspiration on a daily basis?

My kids make me laugh all the time.

I love that!

How have your kids made you laugh recently?

chickens in video games

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  1. Now that you mention it chickens are really getting a bad rap lately! What did they ever do to anyone?! ;)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Would You Rather: Own A Beach House Or A Mountain House?My Profile

  2. Poor little chickens! On the other hand, at least they do not get turned into pork chops like the pigs in that game 😉
    Jean recently posted..Wonder if it Works Wednesday, Mini-Project Perfection?My Profile

  3. Cool. It’s so nice to see mothers and children get along with online games. 🙂 Perhaps it would make a great bonding time though. Thanks for sharing. Life Coach 🙂

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